Going Rando at Tremblant

Quebec resorts are welcoming alpine touring as more eastern skiers discover its beauty and benefits. One step after another. My head is down, my lungs are now starting to struggle to keep up with my body’s oxygen needs and my heart is pumping enough to stop me from talking with the group. It’s dark and we’ve … More »

Time Warp

A day on the slopes of Quebec’s Mont Chilly will take you back in time. BY Alexander Hessel  *  PHOTOS John Rathwell  While driving along a windblown and ungroomed Hwy 148, about an hour northwest of Ottawa in the Pontiac region of western Quebec, it soon becomes apparent that deep snow and steep terrain might … More »

The Trek to Tremblant

For 75 years, the Queen of the Laurentians has drawn skiers from near and far. _By OAKLAND ROSS You don’t have a ski mask?” local ski guide Jacques Gaudreau—a.k.a. Coco—said when he met me at the top of the Express Gondola at Tremblant’s wind-blown summit. “No.” “Nothing to cover your face?” “No.” Well, goggles, of … More »

Two Worlds Collide

Living a life of decadent skiing isn’t all dream vacations to B.C. powder lodges and sunny slopes in the Alps. For the majority of us working stiffs, skiing means two words: Spring Break. Caught up in the mad rush to the mountains, bundled with rug rats and burdened with luggage, there’s an art to surviving … More »

Tremblant Trivia

> Does the fittest ski shop owner live at Tremblant? Maxime Gagnon of Ski Max Ski Service in the old village just qualified to compete in the 2015 IronMan World Championship in Austria. “Summer, I get up and ride 100 km on my bike, run and then swim at night; during the busy ski season, … More »

Shivering in the Chic-Chocs

Despite a fight with Old Man Winter, Quebec’s storybook Gaspé region more than made up for it in warmth, hospitality and haute cuisine. By Iain MacMillan in the Winter 2014 issue When my dad turned 18, he left his studies at University of Manitoba to join the Royal Canadian Navy and the dying days of … More »

Short Turns * Winter 2014

Race Ready Those into Whistler’s World Cup race pistes will know that Ptarmigan, which jets straight down the mid-mountain on a northerly aspect, has been widened into an autobahn for the rolling thunder of ski racing. All thanks to upgrades from the 2010 Games, it has also been fixed up with fancy snow-blowing equipment. But … More »

Where are the best skiers?

by Iain MacMillan in the Winter 2014 issue Ski Test Editor Ron Betts and I were disagreeing the other day about where to find the best skiers in the country. I don’t mean names from the World Cup or Olympic podiums or the biggest freeride fish in ski resort ponds across Canada. I’m talking about … More »

Along for the Ride

When it comes to the drudgery of organized press trips, some ski writers are in a class of their own. by James Cove; illustrations by Tina Holdcroft –  from Fall 2012 issue “Look, I’m terribly sorry but I’ve had three transatlantic flights already this winter, all in business class,” the calm yet forceful English accent … More »

Best of Skiing in Canada awards 2013

by Leslie Woit in Winter 2013 issue Light powder, hot chocolate, cute liftees? What makes you happy on the hills? We’ve spent another year up and down the mountains, the hotel stairs, the backstreet bars and the snow-covered parking lots in search of Canada’s best ski moments—and here they are! With special thanks to our … More »