2022 Ski Test

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Here’s the skinny on this year’s fattest skis, rockingest rockers, shapeliest waistlines and most versatile all-rounders meant for ripping up resorts. 

Maybe your skis are so old the shop won’t tune them any more. Or you’ve skied them so hard the camber has gone flat. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided you need a new pair. Great. Except now you’re staring at a wall of skis at your favourite shop, or, worse, an endless scroll of models on some website. An abundance of options may seem like a good thing, but research shows too many choices are likely to leave you questioning your decision. 

It’s called the paradox of choice, and the goal of this ski review is to help you overcome it.

We test and review skis to make your decision manageable. Before you head out or log on to put down money for a new pair, read through the following reviews. We work hard to identify each ski’s personality and what kind of skier might like it. We also suggest some comparables. But don’t take our words as commandments. They were never meant to stand alone. Talk to your friends and ski shop staff, read other reviews and opinions. And, most important, try them out for yourself. Most shops will apply the demo fee toward the purchase of a new pair. 

Supply chain issues remain, which means the availability of some new skis might be limited. There might be pressure to buy early or miss out. But we know from trying dozens of new skis every year that the only way to really know if you’re going to click with new skis is to, well, click in and give them a try yourself.

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Explore More Ski Testing

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