Elan Ripstick 94W Black Edition

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145, 154, 162, 170, 178


136-94-110 @ 170


16m @ 170

Best for:

Easy-going intermediate and advanced skiers who ski the whole mountain, in all conditions.

Compare with:

Fischer Ranger 96, Rossignol Rallybird 92, Faction Dancer 2X

 No woman or man could resist the allure of the stealth black graphic with a subtle animal print in the background. Even when our 170cm test ski was too short for them, they still returned smitten with the newest member of the Ripstick Black Edition family. Like the other Black Edition skis, Elan took a regular Ripstick shape and construction and added extra carbon rods to the core. The result is an easy-skiing shape that charged through late-day slushy snow without issue. “Smooth, with a big sweet spot,” wrote Claudia Enorig. “Loved the feel.” Like all Ripsticks it’s an asymmetric ski, with more materials on the inside edge of the dedicated left and right ski. Testers find the design gives the ski noticeably easier initiation and less chattering on firm snow. “For a ski with a 94mm waist it sticks like glue,” said Debbi Stayner. “Easy to turn in bumps and groomers.” The Rossignol Rallybird and Faction Dancer got testers more jazzed, but the Ripstick had a slightly more forgiving and friendly attitude, perfect for less-aggressive, all-mountain skiers. 

Ryan Stuart
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