Dynastar E Pro 85

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149, 158, 167


118-85-109 @ 158


12m @ 158

Best for:

Lovers of tight turns.

Compare with:

Dynastar Speed 963, Blizzard Phoenix R13 Ti, Fischer RC4 The Curv

 Considering its tight, 12m turn radius, we expected the E Pro 85 to corner like a rodeo barrel racer. But what surprised testers was that it was no one-trick pony. “A turning machine,” wrote tester Claudia Enorig. “Very quick and great in long or short turns.” Michele Marsh noticed it was part thoroughbred too: “Stable at speed.” And Sonja Schum found it had mule-like versatility. “Awesome for ploughing through ice, crud and chunder.” The E Pro 85 shares the same construction as many of Dynastar’s all-mountain skis, including its wider siblings: the E Pro 90 and 99. The core is a combination of poplar wood and polyurethane. The wood brings power and pop and the poly adds a lightweight dampening effect to smooth out the ride. Some testers found it to be more of a bucking bronco but for those who found the sweet spot, it was like winning the derby. This is much more of a slalom ski than any other ski we tested. If you like carving tight turns, the E Pro is a fun ride. 

Ryan Stuart
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