Fischer Ranger 96

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159, 166, 173, 180, 187


127-95-118 @ 166


16m @ 166

Best for:

Aggressive skiers in the west wanting to ski faster.

Compare with:

Faction Dancer 2X, Völkl Secret 96, Atomic Maven 96Ti

 Like its sibling, the Ranger 90 (reviewed on page 64), this is a versatile weapon for attacking the whole mountain. It floated like a wider ski in powder, carved clean arcs with ease, smeared turns when we asked and accelerated through every shape. But the 96 requires more attention than the 90. “Powerful and stiff,” said Robin Humphreys. “It wants to go fast!” That would be the wood core speaking. Where the 90 has poplar, the 96 is a mix of poplar and beech, which adds strength. The 96 seemed most responsive at higher speeds. Several testers noted it took more work to steer through slow turns, but when they pressed the gas pedal they found no top end. Cheryl Skribe claimed they pushed her to be a better skier. “Turning had to be followed through,” she said. It’s a good pick for aggressive skiers looking for a one-ski quiver.” And this isn’t just for women. Fischer makes it in two colour options and adds shorter lengths in the more vibrant one. So, while we tested the 166cm Ranger 96 in mango, it’s also available in a dark grey option in longer lengths, and both feature the exact same construction. 

Ryan Stuart
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