Völkl Deacon 72 rMotion

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158, 163, 168, 173, 178


125-72-103 @ 173 


15m @ 173

Best for:

Strong skiers, mostly frontside carving.

Compare with:

Blizzard Thunderbird, Stöckli Monero AR, Fischer RC4 The Curv

 As the newest member of the extensive Deacon family of firm-snow-leaning, all-mountain skis, the 72 surprised testers with its easy-going nature. With a plate binding system, full sheet of Titanal and full-width sidewalls, this is a heavy ski that looks ready for the race course. Indeed, it was thrilling to ride, gripping ice like skates, smoothing out rough, firm snow and feeling planted even when pushing the limits. Yet tester Declan Gemmil said, “I found it powerful, but easy to ski,” echoing the general sentiment. Gemmil went so far to call it “playful.” A bit of tip- and tail-rocker probably plays a part. As does the more forgiving beech-and-poplar wood core which is easier to flex than the ash found in many of the other Deacon models. The result is a Goldilocks ski, said Josh Cunningham: “Not too demanding but there when you step on it.” An enticing description for advanced to expert skiers looking to rip around the mountain. 

Ryan Stuart
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