Paradise Vice 97

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160, 170, 180


124-97-114 @ 170


17m @ 170

Best for:

From park to backside and the groomer on the way home.

Compare with:

DPS Pagoda Piste 100RP, Elan Ripstick 96, Line Vision 98

 Winnie the Pooh’s pal Tigger would love this ski. Almost every tester included the words “bouncy” or “playful” on their comment card. “Fun and bouncy and lively in the bumps,” said Steve Draper. While Robin Humphries wrote, “Tons of tip and tail rocker make it playful and easy to turn.” Paradise is a Calgary-based ski brand, focused on “creating shapes that excel everywhere.” The 97 is its narrowest of four skis, which all share a poppy poplar and bamboo core, a mix of carbon and fibreglass stringers for stiffness, vibration-absorbing polyurethane sidewalls and a tough, textured top sheet. Testers found the 97 skied best in softer snow and excelled at swivelling through bumps and tight trees, or floating through powder. While the Vice’s carving fell short of the other skis in this waist width, it’s the only ski in this category with a hint of a twin tip and is significantly lighter. Several testers commented it would make a good part-time park ski or a slack-country touring option. If you like to pop off every little roll, smear every wind feature and turn the whole hill into a playground, you’ll find this ski just as charming as Tigger.

Ryan Stuart
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