Renoun Endurance 98

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163, 170, 177, 184


134-97-119 @ 184


18m @ 184

Best for:

Experts looking for a ski to keep up with them whatever their mood.

Compare with:

Line Vision 98, Atomic Maverick 100, Völkl Blaze 94

 This is the model Renoun released to launch its direct-to-consumer brand back in 2014. Eight years later it’s a completely new beast. Past iterations have all been easy to ski and adaptable, if boring and predictable. The new Endurance has more life and personality. Renoun has changed so much it’s hard to pinpoint the source. The sidecut is rounder for faster turning and a little more float at the tip. The rocker and camber were tweaked to match. Construction is new too, with two partial layers of Titanal instead of just the binding reinforcement plate. They kept the aspen wood core, fibreglass layer and VibeStop dampening polymer rods. The result is a ski that returned whatever the testers put into it. If they sat back and cruised, it was an easy cruising ski. If they railed high-speed arcs, it was there to support them. “Cuts through crud, holds tight on edge,” wrote Steve Draper. Strong skiers with good technique seemed to get the most pleasure out of the Endurance. 

Ryan Stuart
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