Blizzard Black Pearl 97

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153, 139, 165, 171, 177


136-97-118 @ 165


15m @ 165

Best for:

A do-it-all race car for advanced to expert skiers.

Compare with:

Faction Dancer 2X, K2 Mindbender 99Ti, Völkl Secret 96

 “A powder-capable ski that rips groomers like a carver.” That was how Helen Campbell summed up the newest version of the Black Pearl. This winter, Blizzard has tweaked one of its most popular skis to be (slightly) more approachable. They softened up the beech and poplar wood core but kept the Titanal binding plate and fibreglass and carbon sandwich construction. Strong skiers loved that it sliced through anything, initiated easily and turned any shape at any speed. “Stiff enough to drive, yet not so stiff that it makes you work too hard,” said hard-charger Cheryl Skribe. She found it performed best when she cranked on it right though the tail, which might explain why less-aggressive skiers found it too stiff and hard to turn; they tended to prefer the Rossignol Rallybird and Elan Ripstick. For the ex-racers, the aggressive and more experienced skiers this was one of their favourite skis of the test, because it could keep up at any speed, but didn’t demand they ski hard all day long. “Stable in all conditions,” says Michele Marsh. “Excellent ski.”

Ryan Stuart
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