Elan Voyager

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160, 166, 172, 178


127-78-110 @ 172


15m @ 172

Best for:

The frequently flying intermediate.

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It’s one of a kind

 This was the crowd favourite on test day. Due, in part, to how the Voyager skied but also to what it could do—fold in half. Flip two tabs and the plate binding rotates 180 degrees to the tip, allowing the ski to fold in half at the hinge hiding under the foot. The Voyager is now short enough to fit in a long suitcase or Elan’s purpose-built roller bag. It’s a slick design that doesn’t compromise performance. We sent testers out on the ski without informing them about its special feature. They reported it was easy to initiate and liked to carve smooth turns at slow to medium speeds. “A great ski for moderate groomers,” tester Sean Kerrigan reported. He was shocked when he saw the transformation. Elan has always innovated: they invented the first “shaped” ski and most models have an asymmetric design with slightly offset arcs on the inside and outside edges. The Voyager is for space-crunched condo dwellers and frequent travellers. You will pay for the convenience, but for intermediate-to-advanced skiers who like to cruise more than crush, this is a great ski that comes with more upside than just smooth turning for your next ski holiday. 

Ryan Stuart
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