Drone On

Like newbies clogging the fall line, drones are seemingly everywhere these days. From real estate agents to biologists, the remote-control helicopters equipped with a video camera are making light work of heavy jobs in just about every profession, capturing a wicked bird’s-eye view. They’re a staple of ski films and now you can be the … More »

An Unusual Year

There’s something wrong. We’re a day into a Powder Highway road trip and so far there’s been no powder—or even a whiff of marijuana. I’m travelling with a handful of skiers, among them an American from Telluride, Colorado, the U.S. state that recently legalized pot. He’s upset by the lack of Kootenay-ness in our Kootenay … More »

The Business of Skiing

What goes around, comes around in the ownership and management of ski resorts. Winter 2015 .. My mind is a lot less cluttered now that I don’t have little resorts in the East that I have to travel to,” chuckles Charlie Locke, owner of Lake Louise Ski Resort. Locke’s business career almost embodies the serpentine … More »

Fat Cats – Island Lake Lodge

Island Lake Lodge’s culinary rep and posh digs are matched only by its skiing.  by Ian Merringer in the December 2014 issue  *  Photos: Henry Georgi Basketball has never interested me. I grant the athleticism involved, and if I were more informed, I might appreciate the technical aspects of strategy and positioning. But mostly I … More »

It’s Twins!

WRITTEN BY RON BETTS  *  TEST CO-ORDINATOR DYLAN SIGGERS  *  PHOTOS BY HENRY GEORGI  *  from Winter 2014 issue The Fernie Freeride Team proudly announces the arrival of some favourites from the twintip toybox. Okay, let’s face it, with slopestyle and halfpipe skiing joining well-established events like moguls and aerials as full-medal Olympic disciplines, freestyle skiing … More »

A Skier’s Guide to 10 of B.C.’s Best

From the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains to the oceanside majesty of the Coast Range, British Columbia truly lives up to its Latin motto: Splendour Sine Occasu—Splendour Without Diminishment. And if you’re a skier or snowboarder, “Super, Natural British Columbia” delivers unlimited experiences in so many ways: light, bountiful snowfall; endless runs suitable for all … More »

A Foodie in Fernie

Ethnic and upscale offerings are feeding powderful appetites in what was once a culinary wasteland. By Lisa Kadane  //  photos by Henry Georgi in Winter 2013 issue It snows a lot in Fernie. This we know. It’s one reason Calgarians drive an extra hour to B.C.’s Elk Valley instead of staying Alberta-bound—there’s always the possibility of a “Snowmadeddon” like the … More »

Screening Room

by Ryan Stuart in December 2012 issue Slouch on the couch and get ready for the season With a gang of bros ready to feed the stoke, we sat back with a case of beer, bags of chips and the year’s crop of fresh ski porn. We emerged with an overwhelming hunger to shred pow, … More »

Easy Cruising * Test 2013

Think of all the things that make skiing easier now than it has ever been. It’s 2012 and we have it made. The Polar Peak chair, which opened last season at Fernie Alpine Resort, is an example of what’s possible in chairlift construction. This winter in North America, there are 115 new lifts due for … More »

First Lift

Start your touring with a boost into the backcountry at Island Lake Lodge. by Ryan Stuart in December 2012 issue On the day I realized a childhood dream, Johnny Cash sang in my head. “Get rhythm when you get the blues/Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues…” Of course, that’s all I could … More »