Post Hotel

In today’s world of similar-feeling condos that proliferate across North American ski country, it’s an incredibly satisfying splurge to check into an iconic inn like Lake Louise’s Post Hotel & Spa. Indeed, it’s difficult to find a more satisfying sleep, memorable meal and overall exemplary alpine stay in Canada. For nearly 40 years, brothers André … More »

A Facelift for Louise

North America’s larger ski resorts are often thought of as cash-generating mechanisms for bloodless corporate interests, but in many cases they’re operated by individuals for whom the mountain is something deeply personal. by GEORGE KOCH in Winter 2016 issue Lake Louise, owned by Calgary entrepreneur and former mountain guide Charlie Locke and his family, is … More »

The Business of Skiing

What goes around, comes around in the ownership and management of ski resorts. Winter 2015 .. My mind is a lot less cluttered now that I don’t have little resorts in the East that I have to travel to,” chuckles Charlie Locke, owner of Lake Louise Ski Resort. Locke’s business career almost embodies the serpentine … More »

Banff A to Z

Our skiers’ alphabet takes you on a tour of one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness settings. by Leslie Woit in the Buyer’s Guide 2015 issue Alberta beef. For the best steak in Banff, head up the golden stairs to Bison. Watch the line of talented chefs toss and broil behind the open copper kitchen-come-bar, … More »

Back of Beyond

You don’t have to look far past the ski area boundaries of Banff National Park to experience some spectacular backcountry turns. By Ryan Stuart // Photos by Ryan Creary // from Winter 2014 issue One last step and I’m on the ridgetop, my chest heaving from the effort of hiking. I suck in a deep … More »

The British Invasion

Despite the distance, the cold and the credit crunch, Banff attracts—and sometimes keeps—the keenest skiers from across the pond. by Louise Hudson in December 2013 issue With at least 28 days of paid annual leave from work, and an intrepid travel culture, the British are accustomed to regular winter as well as summer holidays. After … More »

Ski it or text it?

By George Koch in Fall 2013 issue The Blackcomb groomer was chock-a-block with the usual peak-Christmas-holiday rainbow of skiing and boarding styles, velocities and attentiveness, and I was applying all my collision-avoidance tactics. Suddenly far down the run a brightly clad skier shot out of the woods airborne, landing on the hard surface and traversing … More »

Best of Skiing in Canada awards 2013

by Leslie Woit in Winter 2013 issue Light powder, hot chocolate, cute liftees? What makes you happy on the hills? We’ve spent another year up and down the mountains, the hotel stairs, the backstreet bars and the snow-covered parking lots in search of Canada’s best ski moments—and here they are! With special thanks to our … More »

Loving Louise

by George Koch from Fall 2012 issue George Koch rediscovers his childhood sweetheart. “Boys, I like to finish every great day at The Lake with some powder turns down West Bowl, so let’s hit it.” It was the waning skiing hour of a late-season day that had been a revolving tableau of seemingly inexhaustible soft-snow … More »

Best of Skiing in Canada Awards

by Leslie Woit from Winter 2012 issue We like to think of our Best of Skiing in Canada Awards as less about the competition and more about how much fun it is to research. Kudos and recognition of worthy people, places and things come in from readers, writers and other contributors all across ski country every year and … More »