Powder Virgins


Rudi and Jeff Gertsch at Purcell Heli-skiing make it easy for first-time heli-skiers to join a group of purebred powderhounds.   JEFF: Remember, there’s a first time for everything. At some point, every experienced heli-skier was a novice, and every season more and more people are trying it for the first time. It’s not an … More »

Fat Cats – Island Lake Lodge

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Island Lake Lodge’s culinary rep and posh digs are matched only by its skiing.  by Ian Merringer in the December 2014 issue  *  Photos: Henry Georgi Basketball has never interested me. I grant the athleticism involved, and if I were more informed, I might appreciate the technical aspects of strategy and positioning. But mostly I … More »

Pleasure Palace

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“This is a little weird, isn’t it?” It’s End-of-Season party night at the Mica Heliskiing lodge and Claire Challen, the visiting host for Ski Television on Sportsnet, is eyeing the revelry. Everyone’s in full costume, Claire herself pulling off a billowy red cat suit and beach-ball-sized curly black wig. But it’s the staff who are … More »

Spoiled Brats

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A Porsche, a helicopter and condos fit for a king—for a pair of low-rent ski bums, it was an assignment to end all others. by Pat Lynch    Photos Gary Davidson  from Buyer’s Guide 2015 issue It was somewhere between the third and fourth doughnut that I decided my editor was probably right—delivering an $80,000 Porsche Cayman from … More »

A Skier’s Guide to 10 of B.C.’s Best


From the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains to the oceanside majesty of the Coast Range, British Columbia truly lives up to its Latin motto: Splendour Sine Occasu—Splendour Without Diminishment. And if you’re a skier or snowboarder, “Super, Natural British Columbia” delivers unlimited experiences in so many ways: light, bountiful snowfall; endless runs suitable for all … More »

Forward Thinking


Since Tod Mountain became Sun Peaks more than 20 years ago, the resort has maintained a well-mapped road into the future.  By Andrew Findlay // PHOTOS BY ADAM STEIN from Fall 2013 issue You can’t pretend to be something you’re not and expect to fool many people for long. Pull into Sun Peaks Village and … More »

A Foodie in Fernie

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Ethnic and upscale offerings are feeding powderful appetites in what was once a culinary wasteland. By Lisa Kadane  //  photos by Henry Georgi in Winter 2013 issue It snows a lot in Fernie. This we know. It’s one reason Calgarians drive an extra hour to B.C.’s Elk Valley instead of staying Alberta-bound—there’s always the possibility of a “Snowmadeddon” like the … More »

Cat’s Cradle


by Marty McLennan in December 2012 issue There’s a spirit at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, and it feels like home. There’s something overwhelming about driving through the Selkirks. It’s late March and I’m steering a tin-cup rental car under the glare of towering peaks, across rushing rivers and past impenetrable logging roads. Navigating the vertical valley bottom, … More »

First Lift

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Start your touring with a boost into the backcountry at Island Lake Lodge. by Ryan Stuart in December 2012 issue On the day I realized a childhood dream, Johnny Cash sang in my head. “Get rhythm when you get the blues/Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues…” Of course, that’s all I could … More »