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First Lift

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Start your touring with a boost into the backcountry at Island Lake Lodge. by Ryan Stuart in December 2012 issue On the day I realized a childhood dream, Johnny Cash sang in my head. “Get rhythm when you get the blues/Come on, get rhythm when you get the blues…” Of course, that’s all I could… More »

Off to the powder room


by Iain MacMillan, editor, from Fall 2012 issue Jennifer, a dandy skier who runs our design studio, piped up the other day about her biggest frustration last winter at the Ski Canada Test at Fernie: skiing powder. “I got so frustrated,” complained Jennifer, when art director Norm and I were reviewing photos and gleefully recalling one particular late-to-work day at Fernie,… More »

Overcoming the odds

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Despite 22 years of controversy, it appears Jumbo Glacier Resort, North America’s most dramatic ski area development in decades, is at the finish line. BY GEORGE KOCH On a picture-perfect late March morning, the helicopter carrying Oberto Oberti and a small group of colleagues and associates alighted atop Farnham Glacier, most recently home only to heli-skiers and the Canadian Alpine Ski Team. Even allowing for… More »

Kicking Horse – Gentle Giant


The other side of Kicking Horse isn’t gnarly at all – and that suites some skiers just fine by Trent Edwards from Spring 2012 issue   Since its rebirth 11 years ago, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, near Golden, B.C., has created and maintained a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places to find heli-skiing thrills on a lift-ticket budget…. More »

4 Day Road Trip

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An excellent adventure is easy when you include Monashee Powder, Red Mountain and Whitewater by IAIN MACMILLAN from Winter 2012 issue * photos: COLLEEN GENTEMANN     I was more curious than suspicious—in the beginning  anyway. It was the slight vagueness in Peter’s answer as to why he was delayed entering  Canada on a powder ski… More »

A Bite with Dave Brownlie

David Brownlie

Whistler Blackcomb ’s CEO goes beyond the ropes with Ski Canada. by Tobias C. Van Veen Dave Brownlie is not your average CEO. As I chased him down The Bite on Blackcomb,  a steep line through trees and drops into Jersey Bowl, I realized that he was letting me know something through the old skier ’s adage:… More »

Driven to Distraction

First Tracks by Iain MacMillan from Winter 2012 issue Driven to distraction After an epic five-resort road trip in Austria years ago, George Koch had left me in charge of returning the rental car to the airport in Munich. I was running late for the flight, and behind the glass window Frau Blücher kept repeatedly pushing the keys at me as I… More »

Fall 2011

Blake Jorgenson

Guest photo editor Fall 2011 Crosshairs When asked to relate one of the hairier moments in his repertoire as a ski photographer, Blake Jorgenson, Ski Canada’s guest photo editor this issue, had no problem spilling. “One that comes to mind is a trip toMount Monarch, B.C., with John Chilton, Eric Pehota and Mitchell Scott. We landed a small ski plane at the apex of the glacier,… More »

Proud and loud

photo: Robin O'Neill

The Facebook status read simply: “Anyone in the village and maybe want to put some $$ into the meter for my parking? Old, red jetta parked at crystal. Car’s open. Thanks!” When I first saw my friend’s post last summer while rushing through downtown Vancouver, I chuckled to myself. After scrolling through the comments and… More »

Big White & the Sundance Kids

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Three families headed west for a long weekend to remember from Fall 2011 issue “Look, Daddy, the sign has 10 rules on it,” 13-year-old Meg, our middle and most feral child, said as she proudly showed me. “And we broke nine of them!”   With an uneasy smile on my face, I quickly began skimming over the DOs… More »