Miracle at Cherry Bowl

There was no way anyone could have survived, thought the four Terrace locals. They’d just watched a massive avalanche rip across Cherry Bowl, an alpine bowl outside the Shames Mountain ski area in northern B.C., and gobble four ski tourers before racing to the valley hundreds of metres below. Regardless of the chances of survival, … More »

Staying or Daying

Your cat-ski choice: a week up in the alpine or just pick a day…or two. t’s an age-old question. Some believe the Mayans were the first to ask it. Herodotus, the ancient Greek record-keeper, may have even alluded to it in his epic text, The Histories. More recently, prime ministers, presidents and dictators alike have scratched their heads … More »

Away From It All

The backcountry is a lot more comfortable when you stay at one of many alpine touring lodges in B.C. by STEVEN THRENDYLE in Fall 2016 issue If you’ve ever yearned to relax and enjoy the big-mountain experience, you owe it to yourself to book a week of touring. More and more resort skiers are discovering … More »

Warm Up to Powder

If you’re a strong intermediate who already skis in the trees after a storm, you’re likely good enough to heli- or cat-ski. But if you want to make sure you’re ready before you head into untracked powder, check out Sun Peaks’s HeliCat Warm-Up Camps offered throughout the season. The two-day program, offered by off-piste camp co-ordinator, … More »

Far and Away

Arriving at Assiniboine Lodge, the birthplace of ski touring in Canada, is easy. Leaving the ultimate Rocky Mountain log cabin is a lot harder. by Leslie Woit *  photos Noel Rogers  *  in the Fall 2016 issue They say life is no picnic. They should come to Assiniboine Lodge. The sun sparkles like diamonds on the snowy … More »

Going Rando at Tremblant

Quebec resorts are welcoming alpine touring as more eastern skiers discover its beauty and benefits. One step after another. My head is down, my lungs are now starting to struggle to keep up with my body’s oxygen needs and my heart is pumping enough to stop me from talking with the group. It’s dark and we’ve … More »

Jacked on Jackson

One of the best fall-line-skiing mountains in the world has 1,200 metres of vertical and a whole lot more to love. by LESLIE WOIT in Fall 2016 issue Of course we can drink beer in the street,” says the nice man. “It’s Wyoming.” It doesn’t stop there. Stepping outside onto the streets of downtown Jackson, he hands me another … More »

Avalanches and The Law

The Colorado Supreme Court in May ruled 5-2 that avalanches are an inherent risk of skiing. This ruling upheld the state’s Ski Safety Act that puts a $250,000 cap on liability to ski areas in the event of accident or incident within ski area boundaries. The case was brought by the wife of a skier … More »

Skiing Uphill Gains Traction

At 7:00 a.m. on January 1, 2016 three skiers started skinning up Mt. Washington Alpine Resort on Vancouver Island. They wanted to start the year off right: watching the sun rise over the peak before skiing powder down a backcountry run. They never made it. A ski patroller on early morning sweep sent them home … More »

The Start of Something Big

Hut-to-hut touring in Whistler’s Spearhead Range just got a lot closer to reality. Six years after a group of backcountry skiers and mountain climbers from Whistler and Vancouver first approached B.C. Parks with its vision of a high-alpine hut system, Parks has finally given its blessing to the Spearhead Huts Committee that will allow the … More »