DPS Pagoda RP 112 – Test 2022

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BEST FOR: Tracking up the trees.

DPS has three different constructions: Pagoda Piste, Pagoda Tour and, in between and redesigned this year, Pagoda. Then DPS has four different designs: powder-surfing Lotus, playful and versatile RP, freestyle-oriented Koala, and fall-line-ripping C2. At Mount Washington we had three different skis all with Pagoda construction of a stacked, ash-and-paulownia wood core bookended by aspen. Sheets of carbon sit above and below with a sidewall that wraps around. It’s a smooth-feeling build that’s powerful enough to hold an edge in firm snow, but light and forgiving in variable conditions. “When you find the sweet spot, they rock and cruise,” was how Deanna Papineau put it. We tried the 112 RP, 100 RP and the 106 C2. With a tighter turn radius and much more rocker at the tip and tail, the RP build felt nimble and easy to turn, but testers noted plenty of tip flutter at higher speeds. The C2 was the opposite. The 18m turn radius and 70% effective edge charged with stability, but took more energy to pivot in the Outback’s glades. “Fun and hard-charging off-piste,” wrote Steve Acciaroli. “Needs a heavier skier to bring out its full potential.” All the skis floated effortlessly and were light enough for backcountry touring.

LENGTHS:           158, 168, 178, 184, 189

DIMENSIONS:    140/112/125 @ 178

RADIUS:             15 @ 178

WEIGHT:            1,825g @ 178

OTHER MODELS:    106 C2, 100 RP


from Fall 2021 issue

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Ryan Stuart
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