Dynastar M-Free 99 – Test 2022

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Dynastar M-Free Test 2022

BEST FOR: Playful feel of a freeride ski, with the versatility of an all-mountain ski.

An addition to Dynastar’s M-Free line, a family of playful freeride skis, the 99 is the most versatile sibling. It shares its wider brothers’ poplar wood core bookended along the edges with lightweight polyurethane material. The poplar provides poppy power, while the PU cuts weight and absorbs vibration for a damp feel. It also shares the design: camber switching quickly to generous tip and tail rocker. Even the graphics are basically the same. Where the 99 stands out is in versatility. All that rocker made turn-initiation easy. It pivoted quickly, dumping speed in bumps and steeps with a flick of the tail, and planed in powder really nicely for a narrower freeride ski. But the ski doesn’t give up much on corduroy, locking onto a carve and holding right through when asked. “Wickedly fun floater in the pow,” said Steve Acciaroli. “It sticks well on the groomers, and has a big sweet spot.” It’s not the most performance-oriented ski of the test, but one of the easiest skis to recommend to just about anyone. It straddles the line between freeride and all-mountain like few others.

LENGTHS:            171, 179, 185

DIMENSIONS:       128/99/120 @ 179

RADIUS:              17 @ 179

WEIGHT:             1,850g @ 179

OTHER MODELS:    118, 108


from Fall 2021 issue

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