Cruisers Test 2017

FUN SKIING ON MOSTLY GROOMED RUNS Think of this category of skis as your vehicle for a smooth Sunday drive. If a ski was tested that was too much for the category, we’ll let you know. Cruisers aren’t looking to weave through traffic, race around the track with the pros or explore much off-road. On these … More »

What Kind of Ski Do You Need?

ALL-MOUNTAIN ALL TERRAIN, ANY SNOW Style: Versatile turns and speeds Waist size: 75-100mm Description: Every run is on your play list, as are a few that aren’t on the map, and you want a ski that can keep up. Something that floats in powder, is nimble in the trees, playful in the bumps, but still … More »

Test 2017 intro

Light is right. For decades, the catch phrase of the self-propelled world drove R&D in just about every arena, from mountain bikes to kayak paddles, running shoes to backcountry skis. Resort skiing, with its reliance on engines and electricity for doing the heavy lifting, largely ignored it as we focused on power, edge grip and … More »


The Changing Face of Gear by RYAN STUART, Technical Editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue Change is one of life’s few guarantees. As skiers, we see evidence of this all the time. No two winters are the same—especially these days. Resorts and gear manufacturers are always tweaking this and messing with that. Skis grow curves, … More »

Welcome Wagon

“We all know the biggest problem with our sport is not just getting new skiers and snowboarders to come out and try it, it’s getting them to come back,” says Shawn Mimee of Elan Sports Canada. “As an industry, we’re fighting against game consoles and cheap vacations down south.” Skier retention remains a big issue … More »

High Performance 2011

High Performance 2011

High-Performance means the best Frontside skis. Period. These shredders with high-octane pedigrees urge their owners’ best performances. Hear the noise – these come with all the World Cup and Olympic circuit bells and vuvuzelas. More than experts only, this category is for connoisseurs. Can you tell the difference between shaken and stirred? If yes, shop … More »