More Fortress

You might remember seeing Alberta’s presently closed Fortress Mountain as an alpine backdrop in the 2010 Leonardo DiCaprio blockbuster Inception. Or maybe you just dreamt that you did. If you didn’t see the film, you won’t remember the scene (or get the joke), but buck up, because there might be a sequel in the works. … More »

Far and Away

Arriving at Assiniboine Lodge, the birthplace of ski touring in Canada, is easy. Leaving the ultimate Rocky Mountain log cabin is a lot harder. by Leslie Woit *  photos Noel Rogers  *  in the Fall 2016 issue They say life is no picnic. They should come to Assiniboine Lodge. The sun sparkles like diamonds on the snowy … More »

Post Hotel

In today’s world of similar-feeling condos that proliferate across North American ski country, it’s an incredibly satisfying splurge to check into an iconic inn like Lake Louise’s Post Hotel & Spa. Indeed, it’s difficult to find a more satisfying sleep, memorable meal and overall exemplary alpine stay in Canada. For nearly 40 years, brothers André … More »

A Facelift for Louise

North America’s larger ski resorts are often thought of as cash-generating mechanisms for bloodless corporate interests, but in many cases they’re operated by individuals for whom the mountain is something deeply personal. by GEORGE KOCH in Winter 2016 issue Lake Louise, owned by Calgary entrepreneur and former mountain guide Charlie Locke and his family, is … More »

Doing it Right

WHY STAYING IN THE ALPINE AT SUNSHINE IS AS GOOD AS IT GETS. by Ryan Stuart in Fall 2015 issue Lunch finds me in my hotel room, ski boots off, sun warming my face through the six-metre window. A snow-cold beer sits in front of me, while a hand-rolled wrap falls apart in my lap. … More »

Bun Warmer

With more than 140 Doppelmayr heated-seat chairlifts installed around the world, we’re wondering why Sunshine’s new TeePee Town LX is Canada’s first. How’s it happen? The heating pads in each signature orange-bubbled chair get charged up as it circles around the bottom terminal, then holds the E for the rest of the ride, redefining the … More »

Fly or Drive?

“Don’t be silly! You’d be mad to drive all that way.” _By GEORGE KOCH My friend Matty from Portland, Oregon, was screeching at the news that I was planning to drive from Calgary to Whistler (through the hinterland via the notoriously sinuous Duffy Lake Road of course) for a mere five-day visit to do some spring skiing … More »

Bashful Castle

Some of the best skiing in the country goes unnoticed by the masses—and that’s just fine with RYAN STUART. My computer’s dictionary defines quirky as “characterized by peculiar or unexpected traits.” Castle Mountain, tucked deep in southern Alberta, definitely qualifies. from December 2014 issue  *  photos: RYAN CREARY For skiers’ attention, it competes with slick … More »

Making Tracks – Marmot Basin

No need to rush on a powder day at Marmot Basin, there’s plenty to go around. Thighs burning. Butt aching. Hamstrings groaning. Even my cheeks cramp, a toothy smile plastered across my face as I arc another turn through shin-deep dust, a contrail of crystals leaping into my wake and hanging in the cold, still … More »

Banff A to Z

Our skiers’ alphabet takes you on a tour of one of the world’s most beautiful wilderness settings. by Leslie Woit in the Buyer’s Guide 2015 issue Alberta beef. For the best steak in Banff, head up the golden stairs to Bison. Watch the line of talented chefs toss and broil behind the open copper kitchen-come-bar, … More »