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For the Fun of It

tips1 steeps

Ski Better with Chris Lennon from Spring 2012 issue photos: Gillian Morgan  snow: Blackcomb Here’s a great way to bring exuberance and playfulness to your skiing. These three short photo sequences are from a single run last season. None of these tactics were needed, but they were rather fun and made a run through fairly mellow trees… More »

Proud and loud

photo: Robin O'Neill

The Facebook status read simply: “Anyone in the village and maybe want to put some $$ into the meter for my parking? Old, red jetta parked at crystal. Car’s open. Thanks!” When I first saw my friend’s post last summer while rushing through downtown Vancouver, I chuckled to myself. After scrolling through the comments and… More »

Has the Ski Instructor Lost his Mojo?

Ski instructor 1, by Marcus Cutler

Skiing, that most glamorous of winter pursuits. A delicious frozen cocktail of speed, money and exotic locales. Add one tall, dark stranger to the mix, give it a shake and what are you holding? The perfect ski instructor. That tan. That accent. Those ski pants, tight in all the right spots. You don’t have to… More »