It’s All About the Feet … or is it? pt. 2

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In the steeps

by MATT BARNES  * photos: ADAM STEIN  *  snow: Laax, Switzerland

The analogy of “holding a tray of drinks downhill” is an easy one to visualize because let’s face it, most of us can relate to drinking. But once you’re able to ensure the turning effort is coming from the legs and not from swinging your arms and upper body around, can you forget about your hands? Is your hand position in skiing really that important? To master mogul fields, carved turns and steep chutes, your hands can be more useful than you realize


Don’t lose that rhythm. Committing yourself to the next turn on a steep run can be really tough. A well-timed pole plant is the cue for your body to release into the next turn.










So if you find yourself freezing up on a steep run, don’t think about the next turn—just think about the next pole plant. Your pole plants give you the beat, the timing, the rhythm and the flow, so if your hands stop then everything stops.






Keep the pole baskets swinging forward, plant your pole and before you know it you’ll be at the bottom of the run.

Matt Barnes
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