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When does a fad become something more? Every year new ideas, styles, colours and flavours emerge. Some of them stick around to change the sport for the better—think rocker shape to skis nowadays. Others not so much—we’re looking at you, SnowBlades. Here are the ones to watch this year. WHAT WOMEN WANT    Walking around … More »

Frontside 2016

Classic Frontside skiers typically look for narrower waist widths than the true All-Mountain crowd—generally less than 85mm. This season expect to see revamped cores, lightweight modifications and vibration control technologies in most manufacturers’ lineups. Frontside skis are upping the ante in performance, resulting in more aggressive boards built to rip and carve the hard-pack. A … More »

What’s Trending

from Buyer’s Guide 2015 He said, she said Overheard at Denver’s  2014 SIA trade show: “If that were a bicycle, it would be a $10,000 frame.” Michael Kay talking about Völkl’s BMT chassis. “Duuuuude. It’s legal now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Next year they’ll be selling it at Walmart.” Some random guy with beady eyes … More »

All-Mountain Skis

 by Marty McLennan, tech editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2014 issue photo: HENRY GEORGI  All-mountain ladies Fischer’s KOA 80 (122/80/110) is a strong all-round tool for powder and piste ladies. All-mountain rocker combines with sandwich sidewalls, proprietary Air Carbon technology and a 100 per cent wood core for a lively ski that’s both stable and easy … More »

Boots 2014

Upward mobility is the name of this season’s game. by Marty McLennan, Tech Editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2014 issue   All-mountain booty We may have been playing on K2 toys for 50 years, but 2014 marks a huge step forward for the ubiquitous company with its launch into bootmaking. E3 (Energy Efficiency Engineering) is at … More »

Bindings 2013

This year’s bindings make it most apparent that the ski world is breaking boundaries. Virtually all the R&D for this segment has gone into multi-tasking solutions for skiers heading beyond the ropes with bindings that walk. In many ways what’s old is new again: skiing’s beginnings were precisely backcountry in nature—as far as Ski Canada can decipher there were no groomed … More »

All Mountain skis 2013

The lion’s share of R&D finds itself here in the All-Mountain category as ski manufacturers blend their top technologies into that perfect quiver of one. Competition for the 2013 ski season is fiercer than ever. Underfoot measurements in the 80s are now commonplace, but manufacturers are pushing the envelope beyond 100mm. And while ski manufacturers make sure you’re … More »

Gear News & Trends

Buyer's Guide 2013

Munich’s annual ski industry trade show ISPO is staggeringly massive. Thankfully technical editor Marty McLennan was able to ride between booths with a dedicated transportation attendant (see bikini).       THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE! Freeriding, that is. The slackcountry market keeps heating up, with more of us getting off the lift and hiking for freshies. … More »

These Boots Were Made for Skiing

from Buyer’s Guide 2012 2012 Alpine Boot specifications The ski world is growing up and it all starts with your on-slope connection—those weapons that buckle onto your feet. This season’s trends include extending the toe pocket—and moving lasts north of 100— without loss of performance and, as no small benefit, with added warmth. Manufacturers mitigate … More »

Big Mountain 2012

   Size matters in the domain of the Big Mountain—and it doesn’t get any bigger than here. Big Mountain means big snow, air, tricks and glory. It starts around a century underfoot and translates into something beautiful. These are the best-looking boards in the industry, with international artists penning their signatures left, right and centre. But there’s more to … More »