RYAN REPORT – Buying ski boots – pt 2

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Problem feet? The best boots when your dog’s don’t play nice

by Ryan Stuart, technical editor

For most people the boot buying advice we published earlier this ski season should help them find the ideal ski boot. But some of us are special and no matter how much heat molding and punching the local shop does our mutant feet won’t fit in any boots off the rack.

Take my dad. His feet are almost square and then he has to factor in his bunion and 11th toe. When he buys shoes he orders EEE width and a size larger than he needs. He knows he won’t find a pair of stock ski boots to fit those flippers. Luckily there are boot makers servicing people like him.


They use a vacuum system along with heat to adjust the shell of the boot both smaller and bigger, giving them more customization than heat moldable alone. https://www.fischersports.com/ca_en/fischer/alpine/vacuum

Dodge Carbon Fibre Ski Boots

Based in Vermont, this micro brand uses a smartphone app to create a 3D model of your foot and builds a custom boot to fit perfectly. https://dodgeskiboots.com

Dale Ski Boots

You’ll need to visit this boot maker in Utah to get the full experience, where they measure your feet and stance to create the perfect boots. http://www.daleboot.com/87.html


RYAN REPORT is a frequent web post by Ski Canada magazine’s technical editor, Ryan Stuart.

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