Frontside 2017

Sexy has finally made its way into frontside skiing. Groomers and carving may sound staid, but with direct trickle-down from the World Cup and substantial R&D, some of the most exciting developments these days are taking place on the frontside of the mountain. The bottom line: adding weight reductions and easier skiing to firm-snow performance, … More »

Alpine Boots 2016

No matter how you cut it, the link between our feet and skis is a critical factor in not only how we perform, but also how we enjoy ourselves. With today’s technological advances, the mantra coming from the manufacturers remains: comfort and performance don’t have to be at opposite ends of the spectrum. BOOT UPGRADES   … More »

Frontside 2016

Classic Frontside skiers typically look for narrower waist widths than the true All-Mountain crowd—generally less than 85mm. This season expect to see revamped cores, lightweight modifications and vibration control technologies in most manufacturers’ lineups. Frontside skis are upping the ante in performance, resulting in more aggressive boards built to rip and carve the hard-pack. A … More »

Big Mountain 2016

While the Big Mountain category has expanded, with virtually every manufacturer developing a series, this year’s SIA saw a general drop in girth: waist widths generally max out under 120mm, with the majority under 110mm. As for graphics, the days of cartoons on LSD also seem to be behind us. Expect the real flair to … More »

All Mountain 2016

  The ultimate test for a manufacturer is the no-compromise, All-Mountain ski. These products are the backbone of the ski world—they may not be in the sexiest category but they remain the top-selling multi-purpose tool for the whole mountain. Not surprisingly, you can expect them to appeal across the spectrum, from those who love to … More »

News and Trends From the Trenches

MORE U-FLEX Former World Cup racer and now Elan President and CEO Primoz Plestenjak made it clear when he told Ski Canada, “We can’t teach people to ski, but we can motivate them and get them the best gear to make it easy for them to enjoy the sport.” His company backs up this promise … More »

Big Mountain

More than great window dressing, wide-girthed boards mean business. The Big Mountain category, along with its Alpine Touring (AT) subset, has grown steadily since the advent of rocker technology. With weight-saving improvements, refined sidecuts and task-specific profiling, the powder hungry get more of their fix riding these technical boards. Look for lightened cores this season, … More »

All Mountain 2015

One ski to rule! The All-Mountain division has become the holy grail—the ultimate quiver of one. In the ongoing search of such lofty goals, the trickle-down upgrades and tweaks fresh from all the industry’s big-money events continue to show up under our feet. Look closely in ski shops this season and you’ll find the DNA … More »

Boots 2015

This season, expect some of the most comfortable, performance-oriented boots ever. More on alpine ski boots: Getting the Right Fit R U X-PERIENCE – D?  Roxa launches its 100mm-lasted X-Perience freeski series with the tour-ready X-Ride and X-Face, and the stiffer alpine-centric X-Turn. Made solid for big-mountain descents, these three-piece, three- and four-buckle boots all … More »

All-Mountain Skis

 by Marty McLennan, tech editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2014 issue photo: HENRY GEORGI  All-mountain ladies Fischer’s KOA 80 (122/80/110) is a strong all-round tool for powder and piste ladies. All-mountain rocker combines with sandwich sidewalls, proprietary Air Carbon technology and a 100 per cent wood core for a lively ski that’s both stable and easy … More »