Racer Ready? 2022 Gear

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 Whether it’s competing or just skiing like you do, here’s some help to get you down fast—and safely.

Auclair Race Fusion

To protect hands from gate bashing, Auclair harnessed the morphing armour of D3O. Most of the time the polymer built into the back of the glove is soft and flexible, but an impact excites the molecules, stiffening up the padding and dispersing the force. It means these premium leather and waterproof gloves are more comfortable all the time and offer more protection when it’s needed. $225

Giro Signes Spherical

Named after the fastest corner in Formula One car racing, the Signes is Giro’s newest race helmet. It looks fast with go-faster stripes. And the impact cushioning protection is improved with padding that absorbs and redirects all kinds of knocks. It comes in a wide range of colours and sizes. $290

Völkl Racetiger GS Master

This is about as close to a World Cup race ski as any of us would want to get. It’s the first time the iconic German brand has used a full ash core in a ski, other than on the skis it sends to the pros. It also has Völkl’s Tailored Carbon Tip, a precise way of weaving carbon fibres into the ski to give it more torsional rigidity. With all that power Völkl ditched the UVO chip, a vibration dampening system. Expect this to ski like a tiger. With a skilled tamer on the whip, it’ll go fast. $1,400

Oakley ARC5 Pro

For the brand’s first-ever race-specific helmet, Oakley tapped super-G world champ Aleksander Kilde. It’s made to meet all protection needs and to stay out of the way in an aggressive tuck. $675

from Buyer’s Guide 2022 issue

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