Easy Cruisers Test 2016

Mid-range performance in long and short turns Don’t be fooled by the “easy” in this category title. It doesn’t refer to “easy terrain” but to “easy cruising.” The category is all about effortlessly travelling across the slope on a smooth, surefooted ride, one that delivers the assurance and confidence needed to explore all the possibilities … More »

Adventure All Mt. Test 2016

ALL-TERRAIN SKIING, MODERATE SPEEDS, MEDIUM TURNS Some days just get better and better. With our “Triple A” category, you can’t really do anything wrong—no matter what your mom says! These skis are designed to make you look good, feel good and generally become a better person. The Adventure All-Mountain category is sporty, it’s fun and … More »

Expert All Mountain Test 2016

ALL-TERRAIN CRUISING, LONG AND SHORT TURNS Expert All-Mountain skis are designed for proficient skiers who like to rip groomers, float through powder and slash through the trees. Their amplified performance and all-terrain arrogance allow riders to push in all conditions and fully experience the mountain with a hard-charging attitude. Their functional versatility defines the rules … More »

Slalom Test 2016

PRECISE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SKIS FOR SHORT TO MEDIUM TURNS Slalom skis are the shortest of the test ski bunch, but with more sidecut allowing for quick turns and solid edge grip. As a bonus users get a confident performance machine that loves a burst of speed. Its hourglass shape accelerates with a predictable bam-o-rama, “oh yes, … More »

Ski Canada Test 2016 intro

photo: ADAM STEIN * tester: Christian Armstrong  Part 1   Big Mountain  *  Expert All-Mountain  *  Slalom  *  On-Piste Cruisers  *  Easy Cruisers  *  Powder WRITTEN BY D’ARCY SEGO AND RON BETTS PHOTOGRAPHY BY ADAM STEIN TEST PIT CO-ORDINATION BY JOE GRIERSON It was pretty much a home run to Sun Peaks last February for the Ski … More »

Easy Cruisers – Test 2015

MID-RANGE PERFORMANCE IN LONG AND SHORT TURNS These skis are expected to offer excellent value, but also strong performance at intermediate to advanced speeds on groomed slopes. Appropriate criteria such as ease of initiation and stability were given a lot of attention in identifying the best skis in this category. Easy Cruisers represent, for many … More »

Adventure All Mountain – Test 2015

ALL-TERRAIN SKIING, MODERATE SPEEDS, MEDIUM TURNS You may have heard the terms “anytime, anywhere,” “midfats,” “all-purpose” or “one-ski quiver.” These are the names given to skis found in the Adventure All-Mountain category. Designed to perform in a variety of snow conditions over the entire mountain, these babies are the four-wheel drive in the lift line. … More »

On-Piste Cruisers * Test 2015

HIGH-PERFORMANCE GS-RADIUS TURNS A good On-Piste Cruiser makes carving easy, effortless and fun. Designed to perform on packed snow, many are versatile enough to play in the softer snow and small bumps. They’re identifiable on the ski rack with their curvy, Barbie-like figures—big on the top and bottom with a tight little midsection. Discover effortless … More »

Test 2015 – Expert All Mountain

ALL TERRAIN CRUISING, LONG AND SHORT TURNS Expert All-Mountain skis are designed for aggressive, proficient skiers who rip down groomers, float through powder and cut through trees. With some born from a GS mindset, they have the ability to deliver amplified performance in all snow conditions, allowing you to fully experience the mountain on their … More »

Test 2015 – Slalom

PRECISE, HIGH-PERFORMANCE SKIS FOR SHORT TO MEDIUM TURNS Slalom skis are short, fast-’n’-furious, high-performance rippers for technical mutants and fearless athletes—and therefore, they’re ideally suited for the small-mountain, riverbank ripper or the ice-pack bump-bobbler. The blender smoothies offer precision and excitement with more sidecut than any other type of ski. Their construction provides greater torsional … More »