4 Day Road Trip

WIN12 7 600

An excellent adventure is easy when you include Monashee Powder, Red Mountain and Whitewater by IAIN MACMILLAN from Winter 2012 issue * photos: COLLEEN GENTEMANN     I was more curious than suspicious—in the beginning  anyway. It was the slight vagueness in Peter’s answer as to why he was delayed entering  Canada on a powder ski … More »

Racing Through Time

photo: Sun Peaks

As the Nancy Greene Ski League approaches its 45th birthday, past racers, coaches and organizers remember what it was that made skiing’s little league so unforgettable. BY LORI KNOWLES  from 40th Anniversary issue     Somewhere in Ontario in the ’70s… It would approach without fail at 6:30 a.m. on squeaky-cold Saturday mornings, a hulking ’74 Jeep Cherokee Chief, red with black … More »

Our First 40


A nostalgic flip through the back issues of Ski Canada turned up the silly as well as the serious side of skiing. We’ve come a long way, baby! BY LORI KNOWLES from December 2011 issue   The very first edition of Ski Canada Journal hits the stands with 21-year-old ski racer Judy Crawford on the cover. Inside the author asks the “very attractive” National Ski Team member telling questions … More »

The way we were

Iain MacMillan

  I wasn’t of working age when the Ski Canada Journal, as we were once called, started rolling off the presses 40 years ago. I was busy taping Jean-Claude Killy, Nancy Greene and “Keep those tips up” Lange posters to my wall—and pestering my dad (unsuccessfully) for a pair of red-white-’n’-blue K2 Comp Fours, Nordica Banana boots and a White Stag jacket. I … More »

Gear That Made a Difference

Head Standard

As Ski Canada celebrates its 40th birthday this season, we thought a nostalgic look back each issue was an appropriate way to rejoice. Leading the sentimental season is a subject we all love to muse about: iconic ski equipment. Although everyone has a personal list of favourite gear, there are some real milestones that have shaped the direction … More »

Short Turns: Buyers Guide 2011

Buried Under

A century of capital skiing It’s been a while, about 100 years, since Ottawa’s posh Rockliffe Park suburb has seen a ski jump tower, but the Ottawa Ski Club (OSC) that built it is still growing strong. Back in 1910, a group of ski enthusiasts started proselytizing the benefits and wonders of skiing and soon … More »

Betcha didn’t know that!


From the Travel Guide 2010 issue So I am touring the fantastic Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva and surrounded by swank villas with swimming pools—perks for the lifers at the International Olympic Committee—when I meet this cute blonde. Although she was born in B.C., albeit educated in Alberta, this doll who has … More »