50 Shades of White

Naughty or nice, Leslie Woit will whip your winter of 2015 into shape with some snowbound thrills. 1. Do it with a group Join a group lesson to improve your style and raise your social capital. Adults-only, intermediate plateau-er or powder perfectionist, sharing is the new independence. 2. Order a bedtime story Tantalizingly torpid after looking lovely … More »

42.4 Gallery

from Winter 2014 issue Ski Canada’s current photo gallery featuring the photography of Henry Georgi at Chatter Creek Cat-skiing, BC; Steve Ogle at Whitewater, BC; Baschi Bender at Chamonix, France; and Bruno Long at Great Canadian Heliskiing, BC

A Skier’s Guide to 10 of B.C.’s Best

From the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains to the oceanside majesty of the Coast Range, British Columbia truly lives up to its Latin motto: Splendour Sine Occasu—Splendour Without Diminishment. And if you’re a skier or snowboarder, “Super, Natural British Columbia” delivers unlimited experiences in so many ways: light, bountiful snowfall; endless runs suitable for all … More »

Talkin’ Proud – My Home Hill

Ski Canada chatted with some passionate locals who have had a longstanding love affair with their home hill. Blue Mountain, ON Le Massif, QC Mont-Sainte-Anne, QC Tremblant, QC Banff, AB Big White, BC Castle Mountain, BC Kicking Horse, BC Fernie, BC Mount Washington,  BC Marmot Basin, AB Kimberley, BC Panorama, BC Revelstoke, BC Silver Star, … More »

Making the move

From the Travel Guide 2011 issue Quit your job, move to a ski town and find a night job so you can ski every day all winter. Remember, if you don’t do it this year, you’ll only be one year older when you do. Okay, I’m paraphrasing, but in case you’re planning on taking the … More »

Postcards from Vail

Postcard from Vail

A few days at Vail and Beaver Creek will have you writing home about the best parts Story and photos by Marty McLennan cushy adj (informal) 1. many perks, little or no hard work 2. luxuriously styled and crafted 3. Beaver Creek. The slopeside escalator was just about to deposit me in front of the … More »

Crossing the Line

TheLine2, photo by Dave Silver

from Buyer’s Guide 2011 issue There’s $50 in my ski pants that says we can beat the $1-billion Vancouver-Whistler Olympic security dragnet. It’s a late February winter day. F-16s circle high overhead in the blue sky as we graze the aisles of a grocery store in Squamish, ambiguous European-sounding accents from Games visitors drifting out … More »

Betcha didn’t know that!


From the Travel Guide 2010 issue So I am touring the fantastic Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva and surrounded by swank villas with swimming pools—perks for the lifers at the International Olympic Committee—when I meet this cute blonde. Although she was born in B.C., albeit educated in Alberta, this doll who has … More »

Something for everyone

‘Skiing is life,” a poetic Dean Cummings once told me when I first met him almost a decade ago. At the time I agreed, and to a certain extent I still do. Yet, over the years I’ve come to realize that not everyone likes to ski. I’ve also accepted, if not completely understood, that only … More »

Skiing within your budget

There’s a weird dichotomy in the way skiing markets itself. Our sport’s image is self-consciously elitist. Glitz, glam and bling. Celebrity athletes performing superhuman record-setting feats on the racecourse or off the cliff face. Resorts announcing multi-million-dollar (or half-billion-dollar) investments for ultra-modern conveyances, 300-hp snowcats, 200-room condo-hotels or Soviet-sized mountain restaurants. Super-cool tricked-out customers whisked … More »