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Don’t try to ski yourself into shape again this season. Get started on our pre-season fitness series now.

Good skiers know that the best way to prevent injury and have more fun on the mountain is to be in shape before their first turns. So let’s help you get started with our series of workouts appearing in each issue of Ski Canada this season. Check out for ways to make these workouts more challenging (or easier) and to take the workouts with you on your device. The series explores a number of pre-season training techniques that skiers should focus on, with this issue targeting balance and leg and core strength. Be sure to do the warm-up on our website before starting each time. Perform the workout as a circuit starting with 2 times through and working toward 3.

BY MARCY VERBURG, fitness & nutrition Coach, Snap Fitness

Fitness Models:

Ali Nullmeyer, Alpine Canada team member

Dustin Titus, WSWC Master Coach Developer/Amateur Athlete

Photos Wally Stemberger

* Part 1 from Buyer’s Guide 2018 issue

* Part 2 from Fall 2017 issue

* Part 3 from December 2018 issue


Place each heel on a 10-kg plate on the floor. Hold dumbbell, lower into a squat position and return to standing. Go only as low as you feel comfortable. 10-12 reps


Stand in front of a step or box that’s about 15 cm high. Jump onto it, landing on both feet. Step down from the box one foot at a time. Work toward higher heights as you become stronger. 10 jumps



Hold a kettlebell in one or two hands, stand on one slightly bent leg and slowly lower the kettlebell forward as you bend at the hip and lift the other leg off the floor until you feel a slight stretch in the standing leg. Keep your core strong and look forward. 8-10 reps per leg


Start in a split squat position (stand with feet shoulder width apart and take a step back into a lunge position). Jump and land with your opposite foot forward. Repeat. 10 jumps


Attach the end of a band to something solid. Stand with feet in an athletic stance and hold handle with both hands extended forward. Rotate the body away from the attached band, keeping your arms straight. 10 reps on each side


Lie on a mat facing the ceiling with knees bent. Keeping hands on the mat beside you, lift your buttocks off the floor and hold in a bridge position. Extend one leg in front and hold for two seconds. Switch legs. 5 lifts per leg


Start in a plank position with straight arms. Lift the right leg and swing through the left arm and leg, placing side of foot on the floor. Repeat with the left leg through the right arm and leg. 20 reps

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Snap Fitness 24/7, Toronto (Snap offers Ski Ready Classes)

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