Steeped in Culture

It was about this time last year when our middle-child, Meg, then in her final year of high school, decided our upcoming, and “last-ever,” March Break trip to France wasn’t ambitious enough and suggested we head across the pond early for a few extra days—in Turkey. Surprised that she knew Turkey was more than a … More »

The Business of Skiing

What goes around, comes around in the ownership and management of ski resorts. Winter 2015 .. My mind is a lot less cluttered now that I don’t have little resorts in the East that I have to travel to,” chuckles Charlie Locke, owner of Lake Louise Ski Resort. Locke’s business career almost embodies the serpentine … More »

Spoiled Brats

A Porsche, a helicopter and condos fit for a king—for a pair of low-rent ski bums, it was an assignment to end all others. by Pat Lynch    Photos Gary Davidson  from Buyer’s Guide 2015 issue It was somewhere between the third and fourth doughnut that I decided my editor was probably right—delivering an $80,000 Porsche Cayman from … More »

Ski by Numbers

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics…” Nothing starts a good argument like pulling a statistic out of thin air—or failing to provide context. So, what have we done here at Ski Canada? In the interests of world peace, we’ve mashed up a bunch of statitstics, with a few cautionary notes … More »

A Skier’s Guide to 10 of B.C.’s Best

From the Continental Divide of the Rocky Mountains to the oceanside majesty of the Coast Range, British Columbia truly lives up to its Latin motto: Splendour Sine Occasu—Splendour Without Diminishment. And if you’re a skier or snowboarder, “Super, Natural British Columbia” delivers unlimited experiences in so many ways: light, bountiful snowfall; endless runs suitable for all … More »

The great unknown – Serfaus, Austria

From the Travel Guide 2011 issue Serfaus, Austria, isn’t a popular destination for North Americans, but after days of powdery surprises George Koch and friends think that should change Hour by hour, day by day, Serfaus kept serving up the surprises, the delights, the jaw-dropping epic descents of which 50-year memories are made. You probably … More »

The End of the Bilodeau Reign

It’s the end of an era for the only privately run ski school at a major resort in Canada. He’d ride up the mountain first thing to work on his carving technique while his cronies were sleeping off their hangovers. He sweated in a steel mill to pay his way through university. He was born … More »

New & Improved

A roundup of 10 top resorts on the road from Calgary (from Buyer’s Guide 2011 issue) Last fall it seemed as if Divine Intervention itself was about to lift the Rocky Mountains region ski areas from the economic purgatory following the world ?nancial meltdown.The most copious early-season snowfalls possibly in our lifetimes slammed nearly every … More »

Family Ties

Breckenridge and Heavenly may share a lot in common with?their sister resorts of Vail, Beaver Creek and Keystone,? but they can quite happily stand alone. As a judge, I wasn’t accused of impartiality per se, it was more my observation skills that saw me lose my appointment. Or perhaps it was my math. Needless to … More »

Calgary Roundup

10 great ski areas tempt locals and vistors alike with all that’s new and improved From Fall 2009 issue Ski resort marketing people are somehow psychologically wired to look ahead. Even at the best of times they’re not really interested in reflecting on last season. For much of the west, this particular last season was … More »