The Other Side of the Engadine


From the Buyer’s Guide 2011 issue One corollary of big-mountain skiing is the way the terrain swallows up the people doing it. We had just crested a gentle saddle a few minutes’ walk from the Diavolezza cable car terminal, and within moments my two companions had been rendered into microdots by the vastness around us. … More »

Up Here on my Own

Sunshine skiier

Solo dawg Pat Lynch found what he was looking for, and more, at Sunshine I’m three beers in and halfway through a tender fillet of Arctic char when the crackle of the fire is overtaken by a cackle from the bar. Looking up from my dinner, I instinctively drop my head, shudder and avert my … More »

The other way around

From the Fall 2010 issue I’ve read it’s often healthier to focus on the journey rather than the destination. The Sea to Sky highway between Vancouver and Whistler is a prime example of a journey worth the experience itself, yet most travellers complete this picturesque leg of a Whistler ski holiday with little more than … More »

Golden Dreams

Alert readers will recall my chronicling of the Kicking Horse story since it began as a glimmer in the eye of Vancouver skier-visionary Oberto Oberti. I was an instant convert on the late spring day in 1998 when Oberti and local heli-skiing operator Rudi Gertsch flew me onto a peak thousands of feet above the … More »

Verbier: Switching Gears

Pounding music, hoarse yells, diminishing inhibitions and a crush of costumed but not heavily clad flesh beggar the senses. Per Jonsson, pro rider, is sporting a short dress, shaved legs, stubby pink fingernails and an inane grin as he attempts to maintain balance with the help of twin beers and the shoulders of two virtually … More »

Headin’ South

After 20 hours of airplanes, airports, taxis and a rainstorm at sea level turned snowstorm in the mountains, we’d finally checked into our rooms at the bottom of the world in the delightfully austere Grand Hotel Portillo. While I was racing to get changed for an afternoon of blizzard-skiing, all I could hear was Jimmy … More »

Mount Baldy: The shape of things to come

When Mount Baldy’s Brett Sweezy sat down to take his place at a seminar on the future of ski resorts at last March’s North American Snowsports Journalists Association meeting in Kimberley, B.C., more than a couple of the scribes in attendance wondered what a guy who looked as if he should be messin’ under the … More »