New product reviews

by RAY O’REILLY in the Fall 2016 issue With all the Euro-influence in the ski world, stumbling at pronouncing a product name can give it street cred, so we were surprised to learn Sevaen (Sa-VAY-in) is made right here in Canada—Nova Scotia, in fact. Even the source fibres are North American. Keeping sailors warm and … More »

Backside 2017

Experimentation is where it’s at. From bindings to boots, poles to skis, freeride has always been about trying stuff: tweaking sidecuts and ski shapes; widening and lowering bindings; even making quick-release poles. Anything goes. in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue QUICK RELEASE Pole straps are great at keeping you attached to your poles, but sometimes that’s the … More »

The new technology of layering

One day last winter it was -19 C at the bottom of Lake Louise and -1 C at the top. Known as an inversion, because the typical temperature gradient of getting colder as elevation rises is turned upside down, it’s a nice mountain phenomenon for skiers, but also a conundrum. Skiing is already tricky for … More »

Gear & Gadgets

1. For the first time, Canada’s Mountain Equipment Co-op has launched its inaugural alpine ski collection this autumn with six jackets and four pants specifically targeted at resort skiers and boarders. MEC says its men’s Syncronis and women’s Sweet Shot (both $525) are the most premium jackets MEC has ever made. Diamond-quilted 850-fill down throughout … More »

Big Mountain

More than great window dressing, wide-girthed boards mean business. The Big Mountain category, along with its Alpine Touring (AT) subset, has grown steadily since the advent of rocker technology. With weight-saving improvements, refined sidecuts and task-specific profiling, the powder hungry get more of their fix riding these technical boards. Look for lightened cores this season, … More »

Testers’ Choice

With the tape used to mask the topsheets gone, we can reveal our testers’ favourite skis in each category (as well as their sponsors). It’s time to match your own height, weight, style and so on with our Ski Canada Testers to see which skis might be worth a personal demo from your favourite shop … More »

Putting on Airs

from Ski Canada Buyer’s Guide 2015 IN THE BACKCOUNTRY Rather than follow, BD decided to reinvent the airbag packs designed to keep skiers on the surface in an avalanche. Like others, the rugged Black Diamond Halo 28 ski pack has a 200-litre airbag hidden inside and a trigger handle in the shoulder strap, but instead … More »

What’s Trending

from Buyer’s Guide 2015 He said, she said Overheard at Denver’s  2014 SIA trade show: “If that were a bicycle, it would be a $10,000 frame.” Michael Kay talking about Völkl’s BMT chassis. “Duuuuude. It’s legal now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Next year they’ll be selling it at Walmart.” Some random guy with beady eyes … More »

Gear & Gadgets * Winter 2014

by Ray O’Reilly in the Winter 2014 issue   1.  Nice wheels! No, seriously, if you could add a motor to this bag, you’d drive it through an airport. Tough and durable, High Sierra’s Pro Series Trapezoid Wheeled Duffel (US$160) isn’t so heavy that half of your 23-kg airline limit is taken up just by … More »

All Teched Out

Whether or not your ski experience is going to be revolutionized, it sure is fun to play in the candy store.  by Ryan Stuart in Winter 2013 issue 1.  The Drift HD Ghost takes your average head cam and makes it dead easy to use with WiFi connectivity, a remote control with indicator lights, an … More »