Why Skis Turn

You may find that I constantly harp on the idea of edging the ski to turn when it seems more intuitive to “turn” the skis to turn, but there is good reason for this. Modern skis for groomed slopes have a pronounced hourglass shape compared to skis of a few decades ago. Even backcountry skis … More »

The right fit

Tech Talk by Lou Rosenfeld “When I buckle my boots, my feet hurt like hell. Can you fix my boots so my feet stop hurting?” This is one of the most commonly heard questions (and complaints) in ski shops around the world. Over the years I’ve probably addressed the problem hundreds of times, varying the … More »

The Science Behind Helmets

Protecting your head isn’t about colour and styling, it’s knowing a helmet’s limitations – and your own by Jasper Shealy with Robert Johnson and Carl Ettlinger from Fall 2008 issue – originally posted December 5, 2008 Jasper Shealy is Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY. This article includes material from Robert Wilson, Professor, … More »

Gear That Made a Difference

As Ski Canada celebrates its 40th birthday this season, we thought a nostalgic look back each issue was an appropriate way to rejoice. Leading the sentimental season is a subject we all love to muse about: iconic ski equipment. Although everyone has a personal list of favourite gear, there are some real milestones that have shaped the direction … More »

Long live the revolution


Freeride skis have come a long way in the past decade. It was buttery smooth, exhilaratingly fast and dumbfoundingly easy. It liberated me to ski harmonically with the contours of the terrain. My route meandered whimsically where before it would have been a regimented fall line. Trees and rocks became a new dimension of intrigue. That … More »

Ski geometry

Ski Geometry 101

Heart of the matter As the ski industry pushes its boundaries, skis, boots and bindings have followed suit. Behind every astounding pro trick, you’ll find an army of engineers looking to produce better-suited technology. The result is an ever-growing skier’s lexicon. Here’s some of base information on keywords like sidecut, radius and camber as well … More »

Ski cores: heart of the matter

SKI CORES: heart of the matter by Ian March from Buyer’s Guide 2010 issue With skis, just as in love, we are often initially drawn to our mate by what’s on the surface. But, as your parents should have told you, for true happiness, it’s what’s inside that counts. To avoid a broken heart, let’s … More »