The Start of Something Big

Hut-to-hut touring in Whistler’s Spearhead Range just got a lot closer to reality. Six years after a group of backcountry skiers and mountain climbers from Whistler and Vancouver first approached B.C. Parks with its vision of a high-alpine hut system, Parks has finally given its blessing to the Spearhead Huts Committee that will allow the … More »

Drone On


Like newbies clogging the fall line, drones are seemingly everywhere these days. From real estate agents to biologists, the remote-control helicopters equipped with a video camera are making light work of heavy jobs in just about every profession, capturing a wicked bird’s-eye view. They’re a staple of ski films and now you can be the … More »

Hucking for Gold

Pehota 600

How does one get to ski places like Vallnord-Arcalis (Andorra), Chamonix, Fieberbrunn (Austria), Haines and Verbier all in one season? Start by hucking yourself off a cliff a few thousand times, and then do it while smiling for the judges. Logan Pehota of Whistler (Pemberton actually and son of one of Canada’s first freeskiing stars, … More »

Manny O-P workout

Manny 1 500

When national ski team member Manuel Osborne-Paradis was thinking of a way to give back to the sport, he decided on working with Alpine Canada trainer Jamie McCartney to produce a training video for young racers. by JIM MORRIS from December 2015 issue “A lot of ski clubs maybe don’t have a trainer or a … More »

If the Name Fits

Mt Washington

Skiing on Vancouver Island will be done under new ownership after the November sale of Mount Washington to Pacific Group Resorts closed. The Utah-based company also owns three smaller ski areas on the U.S. East Coast. Washington was put up for sale in 2013, even before suffering through the last two warmer, snow-starved winters. Campbell … More »

Bun Warmer

Bun Warmer

With more than 140 Doppelmayr heated-seat chairlifts installed around the world, we’re wondering why Sunshine’s new TeePee Town LX is Canada’s first. How’s it happen? The heating pads in each signature orange-bubbled chair get charged up as it circles around the bottom terminal, then holds the E for the rest of the ride, redefining the … More »

Welcome Wagon

Elan welcome 500

“We all know the biggest problem with our sport is not just getting new skiers and snowboarders to come out and try it, it’s getting them to come back,” says Shawn Mimee of Elan Sports Canada. “As an industry, we’re fighting against game consoles and cheap vacations down south.” Skier retention remains a big issue … More »

Making the Connection

Our brain co-ordinates our muscles and nervous system to help us tackle the terrain we ski. Our brain controls the mental processes of how we think and feel about our skiing. Our brain also links our body movements and mental processes. Experienced skiers know they can ski better by being in better physical condition, but … More »

Slapstick Skiing

Chaplin 600

‘Douglas Fairbanks insisted that I be initiated into the art of skiing. I always thought it was easy, but oh, boy! I never knew how many knots I could tie myself into!’ Skiers heading to or from major Swiss resorts of the Valais and beyond will soon have a new sidetrip to distract them. Not … More »

Dig Deeper

Dig Deeper

How to dig out an avalanche victim The transceiver may get all the glam when it comes to rescuing someone from an avalanche burial, but it’s the shovel that does all the heavy lifting. Digging is typically the slowest part of the rescue and, with the chances of survival sinking fast after 15 minutes, it’s … More »