Europe – Hooking Up

European ski resorts started joining hands by interconnecting their lifts back in the 1950s. that trend continues today, making bigger even better. by Leslie Woit in the Fall 2014 issue It’s 9:00 a.m. and you’re elbowing past the champagne-sozzled Russians on their wave home from the clubs. If you’re sliding out the door of your … More »

The Alps for Everyone

Thinking about Europe but not sure where to start? Some of these destinations may not readily come to mind. Lots of resorts bill themselves as all things to all skiers, but Leslie Woit has no problem pigeon-holing the Alps for those who already know their priorities. in December 2013 issue Haute Maurienne Best for families … More »

How I Got on Italian TV

“Pronto?” the voice at the starting gate asked me, one of about six words I knew in Italian. by Ryan Stuart in Fall 2013 issue “Am I ready? Hell, no!” I remember thinking. My helmet sat in my hands as I fiddled with the GoPro. My mouth dry and pasty, I wished I had taken … More »

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Skiing Switzerland’s most famous peak can be surprisingly reasonable. Bringing buddies: priceless. TEXT // PHOTOS: MARTY MCLENNAN     Buyer’s Guide 2013 For more of Marty’s photos from the  Zermatt trip click here When it comes to skiing, I’m more Littlest Hobo than one of a pack-o’-wolves. As a seasoned vet of the ski media, it’s skis-on, camera ready, … More »

Grumpy Old Men

from Fall 2011 issue The other day I was out on the balcony of Mike’s $99-million chalet just blowing smoke with my buds. From the 4,314m summit of Grand Combin on the Italian border, across to our own local petit Combin (3,670m) and over to the Mont Blanc massif in France, the mountains were painted … More »

European high life


Nothing defines the European skiing experience better than staying a night in a high-altitude hut. Variously called cabanes, refuges, rifugi or hütte, these shelters on the snow are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. They are also a world unto themselves, where special rules apply and where only a certain type of person goes. I … More »

Advice for the Europe-bound

Alps, photo by Fred McKinney

Why travel all the way to Europe when Canada has some of the best skiing in the world? Well, you could ask any of the Canadians I wrote about last month why they left to settle with such satisfaction in the Alps. European skiing is more extensive and higher in altitude with more sophisticated ski … More »

Small Wonder: Jenn Heil

Despite her small stature (she’s 5’3”), Jennifer (Jenn) Heil is one of Canada’s biggest hopes for a medal at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy. The 22-year-old Spruce Grove, Alberta, native surprised a few people when, after placing 4th in women’s moguls at the 2002 Olympics (just missing the bronze by 1/100th of a point), … More »