Powder Test 2016

Mike Wiegele’s heli-guides know a thing or two about testing fat skis. There’s an old fable by Aesop about the fox and the grapes. It goes something like this: A fox sees a vine heavy with grapes and leaps as high as he can but can’t quite reach them. He tries again and has no … More »

Playing in Powder – Test 2015

The Guides at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing know a thing or two about choosing a great ski for the deep.  WRITTEN BY RON BETTS, TEST EDITOR  *  PHOTOGRAPHY BY JOHN SCHWIRTLICH  *  from December 2014 issue The answers to many of mankind’s problems have been found in nature. Take for example the case of the … More »

The Best Test * Powder 2014

Ski Canada asked the guides at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing to take these fatties to work. It’s fairly difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in the history of skiing when the quest for powder became the holy grail of our sport. In the 1920s Ernest Hemingway, who was arguably the first powderhound, wrote inspired, poetic passages … More »

Powder Test 2013

by Ron Betts, technical editor test * photos: John Schwirtlich in Winter 2013 issue Made for Powder This year’s crop of fat boys was put to work by the guides at Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing.     Every sport has its holy grail, its pinnacle. In hockey it’s the hat trick, baseball the grand slam, golf the … More »

Powder Ski Test 2012

  Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing provided the perfect snow, terrain and guides to evaluate this season’s crop of wide boys. BY RON BETTS, TEST EDITOR PHOTOGRAPHS BY JOHN SCHWIRTLICH from 40th Anniversary issue The sport of skiing has undergone some remarkable changes in the last few decades. New technology in clothing, electronics, boots, bindings and skis has allowed skiers … More »