Steeped in Culture

It was about this time last year when our middle-child, Meg, then in her final year of high school, decided our upcoming, and “last-ever,” March Break trip to France wasn’t ambitious enough and suggested we head across the pond early for a few extra days—in Turkey. Surprised that she knew Turkey was more than a … More »

George’s Gap Year

It’s fun to live vicariously through ski writers and photographers. This season you might just want to take it a step further and join one of them. I don’t personally know anyone, apart from Leslie Woit, who’s skied more places in the Alps than long-time Ski Canada contributor George Koch. As a teenager in the … More »

Whistler: A New Era

“We’re not as well known as we think we are.” When the Epic Pass was first introduced in 2008 offering unlimited skiing at five Vail resorts, I was on a powdery press trip there with a bunch of other ski hacks and briefly met Vail Resorts Inc. CEO Rob Katz at après-ski. Rather than bring … More »

A Celebration of Groomers

Everyone knows it but few like to admit it: the largest group of skiers is also the least sexy—the on-piste gang. I had a pretty typical teenage skier bedroom growing up, with walls adorned in heroic posters of The Kaiser and Stenmark in between the Crazy Canucks. The inspiration racing had on all skiers back then … More »

Helicopter Parenting

I found a whole new way to rationalize a heli-ski holiday: use one of your kids! “It’s tough to tell your wife you’re off to Wiegele World for another week with the guys,” admitted my new American friend Ted to me sheepishly while slurping down a steaming bowl of hearty beef-barley soup. “She was never … More »

Own Your Own

“The whole ski area could be yours for less than a cabin at Whistler!” It happens often when I tell someone where I work. The brain-wheels start clicking, the eyes brighten and suddenly a flood of excited anecdotes starts pouring out about my new friend’s ski trip last winter. Buddy’s best crash-and-burn story or big-air … More »

MacMillan’s Top 20

Editor Iain

“we all know that when things don’t go well, it’s our equipment’s fault.” The other day my friend Jennifer was asking me how often I sharpen my poles. Okay, so her concerned voice might have had something to do with my earlier mock admonishment over her never sharpening her poles—which, of course, would affect her … More »

What’s in your pack?

‘‘Is there something in here you want to show me? ’’ The bored face at airport security in Kelowna suddenly brightened as my backpack went through the X-ray machine. As the only person in the queue, I thought it was obvious that the offending bag was mine but I guess I was asked out of routine. … More »

What’s in a name?

I’m so mad at my buddy Christopher. He’s president at Sun Peaks and you’d think he’d appreciate my offer to name a few runs on the new terrain that’s opening as the ink on this issue dries, but after I made some suggestions, he said they’re all spoken for. I gave him some of my … More »

Are You Ready for Winter?

It’s been several years since I’ve prepared my annual pre-season quiz so for those who have forgotten the routine, I need you to find a comfortable chair, a bright light and sharp pencil before submitting your answers to the Ski Canada National Winter Test Laboratories. We’ll determine what kind of winter you’re about to have … More »