Fat & Fabulous – Powder Skis Test 2017

The guides at Mike Wiegele’s were happy to ride these plus-sized beauties. I spent 14 glorious years as a heli-guide in the most majestic ski terrain on the planet at Mike Wiegele’s in Blue River, B.C., home once again to the Ski Canada Powder Test. And over the course of those years I’ve seen plenty … More »

Big Mountain Test 2017

UNTRACKED AND UNRESTRAINED Where All-Mountain skis skid to a stop—right around the edge of the cliff—Big Mountain takes over. These are the skis the pros ride when they’re slashing Alaskan faces or winning extreme-skiing competitions. If you aspire to the same, this is the category to get you there, with skis that offer plenty of … More »

Cruisers Test 2017

FUN SKIING ON MOSTLY GROOMED RUNS Think of this category of skis as your vehicle for a smooth Sunday drive. If a ski was tested that was too much for the category, we’ll let you know. Cruisers aren’t looking to weave through traffic, race around the track with the pros or explore much off-road. On these … More »

Carvers Test 2017

POWERFUL CARVING Skiing somewhere between the racecourse and the edge of the groomed, the skis in this category want to be skied hard, fast and down the fall line. In many cases manufacturers have taken World Cup race skis and tuned them so mere mortals can handle the power and edge grip they deliver. If … More »

Ski testers 2017

TESTERS’ CHOICE With the tape used to mask the topsheets gone, we can reveal our testers’ favourite skis in each category (as well as their sponsors). It’s time to match your own height, weight, style and so on with our Ski Canada Testers to see which skis might be worth a personal demo from your … More »

All-Mountain Test 2017

ALL TERRAIN, ANY SNOW Like the name says, these skis are made for doing it all: frontside, backside, or both, powder to hardpack, trees, bumps and even the park. These are skis for diehards like us, who love the whole hill. Just because it hasn’t snowed in a week, you don’t stay at home or … More »

Test 2017 intro

Light is right. For decades, the catch phrase of the self-propelled world drove R&D in just about every arena, from mountain bikes to kayak paddles, running shoes to backcountry skis. Resort skiing, with its reliance on engines and electricity for doing the heavy lifting, largely ignored it as we focused on power, edge grip and … More »

Powder Test 2016

Mike Wiegele’s heli-guides know a thing or two about testing fat skis. There’s an old fable by Aesop about the fox and the grapes. It goes something like this: A fox sees a vine heavy with grapes and leaps as high as he can but can’t quite reach them. He tries again and has no … More »

Easy Cruisers Test 2016

Mid-range performance in long and short turns Don’t be fooled by the “easy” in this category title. It doesn’t refer to “easy terrain” but to “easy cruising.” The category is all about effortlessly travelling across the slope on a smooth, surefooted ride, one that delivers the assurance and confidence needed to explore all the possibilities … More »

On-piste Cruisers Test 2016

HIGH-PERFORMANCE GS-RADIUS TURNS Test day for On-Piste Cruisers last February was a fast one. If you love carving, edge hold and energy, keep reading. This is a category of race, detuned race or high-performance skis that typically shares similar construction, technology and under-boot widths ranging from 68-83mm. At Sun Peaks, the Ski Canada team turned … More »