Test 2019 – Rossignol Hero Elite Multi-Turn Ti

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Rossignol Hero Elite

Ski Canada Test 2019 On-Slope Reviews


The most approachable of Rossignol’s revamped line of race and high-performance carving skis is the Hero Elite MT Ti. The sandwich construction layers a poplar centre with sheets of Titanal to create a ski, says Rossi, that grabs the groomed like a race ski, but with enough softness to adjust turn shape to just about any situation. Available in four lengths with four distinct turn radii. ($900; rossignol.com)


$900  *  BEST FOR: Perfecting your hip-dragging carves.
LENGTHS: 159, 167, 175, 183  *  RADIUS: 15@175  *  SIDECUT: 123/74/109

This is a unique beast. Rossignol took its racecourse-ready ski, added a little girth and softened it up just a touch. The result is a rocket ship that mere mortals can handle. “Really fun, versatile ski,” said Jeff Cusick. “Putting my hip to the snow seemed easy.” The softish shovel initiates easily and felt predictable and easy in moguls and cruddy snow. There was so much energy in the ski, Meredith Youmans said it was almost relaxing to ski: “Exit the turn and enter the next with energy. It has a trampoline effect from turn-to-turn.” Not everyone loved the ski. Whistler ski instructor Bob Brett found it heavy and hard in short turns and slower speeds: “It worked best for me at higher speeds and bigger turns, which was a surprise given the short radius.” All testers agreed it was a demanding ski best left to expert skiers and ski instructors.

by RYAN STUART in Buyer’s Guide 2019 issue

Ryan Stuart
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