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Dynafit Speed 90Ski Canada Test 2019 On-Slope Reviews


Dynafit Speed 90 straddles the line between upward efficiency and enough performance to get down in style. The company says the Speed 90 is its highest performance-to-weight ski. It uses a paulownia wood core wrapped in a carbon-fibreglass mix with a “micro-sidewall,” basically a short but full-length sidewall, that marries durability with minimalism. Dynafit also went for less by using a 3-D construction structure that uses less material moving away from the boot. This reduces swingweight and adds stability to handling. A bit of rocker at the tip and tail helps with float in soft snow. A unique trait of the Speed 90 is that the waist width changes through all sizes, where most manufacturers maintain a waist width and tinker with tip and tail dimensions. The difference means all lengths have a similar effective edge, so they ski alike no matter the length. ($900; dynafit.com)


$900  *  BEST FOR: One ski for skimo racing and long tours.
LENGTHS: 158, 167, 176, 184  *  RADIUS: 18.3@176  *  SIDECUT: 124/90/111  *  WEIGHT: 1,280 grams

Sandwich construction effectively directs power to the edge, but semi-cap is lighter. In the Speed 90, Dynafit plays with both, using a short height sidewall and a sloping topsheet. The combo keeps weight extremely low, while maintaining some power to the edges. While testers didn’t want to spend too much time on firm snow, the ski could hold an edge. A bit of tip and tail rocker and a light feel made it effortless in soft snow. But where it really impressed testers was the uptrack. “I loved it in the skin track,” said Ryan Stuart. “It’s so light.” The Speed 90 is a good choice for strong skiers who suffer on the climbs. “Buy for your weakness,” suggested Stuart. “It skis well enough that strong skiers will be able to make it do whatever they want with all the energy they save on the way up.”

by RYAN STUART in Fall 2018 issue

Ryan Stuart
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