What’s a medal worth?


Judged vs. timed sports: the value of Olympic gold. by George Koch in the Winter 2014 issue “Millions, we’re talking millions here.” The late, great U.S. downhill racer Bill Johnson’s notoriety stemmed largely from this widely circulated quote—he insisted it was a misquote—about the value of his Olympic gold medal at Sarajevo. Many will recoil at … More »

Short Turns * Buyer’s Guide 2012


LET’S MAKE A DEAL ❖As foreign as they are to the entire ski world beyond Ontario, western New York and New Zealand, private ski clubs, where the membership owns the infrastructure and either owns or leases the hill, is a way of life and has been since alpine skiing began in these areas. And as sure as they are with … More »

Of dirndl and lederhosen


From the Travel Guide 2011 issue Odd, but some of my strongest memories of the Olympics last season are of women in push-up bras and men in leather trousers pushing up a big Maypole. Oh, and the hats. Great hats. I know Maypoles don’t go up in February and no, this isn’t another story about … More »

2010 Olympics: Ski Cross

Making its debut at the Games, the newest medal event is generating more than its share of excitement. Start with four racers in a mad dash to nose ahead of each other, throw in a few gates, some 20-metre gap jumps and a series of oddly spaced rollers, and anything can happen— which is exactly … More »

Betcha didn’t know that!


From the Travel Guide 2010 issue So I am touring the fantastic Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Geneva and surrounded by swank villas with swimming pools—perks for the lifers at the International Olympic Committee—when I meet this cute blonde. Although she was born in B.C., albeit educated in Alberta, this doll who has … More »

Whistler on sale

From the Buyer’s Guide 2010 issue Earlier this season Whistler-Blackcomb unveiled its lowest price ever for early-bird season passes at $1,099, which is $500 less than usual. It’s less simply because 2010 will be a very unusual year. With the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games looming on the horizon, Whistler-Blackcomb is dangling carrots to entice … More »

Lend a Hand for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games

Just because you live in Hamilton or Edmonton doesn’t mean you can’t take part in the Games. After all, when something needs done, Canada is the type of country that rolls up its sleeves and gets dirty. Approximately 25,000 volunteers are needed to stage the Winter Olympics. Organizers can plan every detail, but in less … More »

Judge Benoit Presiding

Even if these days you only ski the hero run under the chair when you’re sure none of your friends are watching and that yellow downhill suit you’ve been keeping “just in case” makes you look more like a chubby banana than a svelte racer, there’s still hope because athletes aren’t the only ones who … More »