Five New Helmets


Uvex JIMM + OCTO helmet Ten flexible and padded tabs bend around your cranium, automatically adjusting the Jimm to fit perfectly. A Ski Canada tester with an odd-shaped head claims it’s the only helmet she can wear. POC Auric Cut Take a shot to the noggin and it’s time to retire most lids—except the Auric, which … More »

Readers go head-to-head

Letters to the Editor

  » I’m profoundly disappointed in the editorial about helmets in skiing and their newly mandated use on Nova Scotia’s slopes. (“Hard-headed in Nova Scotia,” First Tracks, Spring 2012) Mr. MacMillan and the publisher should issue an immediate retraction and apology for such reckless disregard for the importance of helmets. If Mr. MacMillan is not … More »

Hard-headed Nova Scotians

Iain MacMillan

by Iain MacMillan from Spring 2012 issue   Well, we all knew it was going to happen sooner or later; we just didn’t expect Nova Scotia to lead the charge into our new, fortified world of skiing. Back in December, Nova Scotia Minister of Health and Wellness Maureen MacDonald announced that starting next season, it will be against the law to ski … More »

The Science Behind Helmets

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Protecting your head isn’t about colour and styling, it’s knowing a helmet’s limitations – and your own by Jasper Shealy with Robert Johnson and Carl Ettlinger from Fall 2008 issue – originally posted December 5, 2008 Jasper Shealy is Professor Emeritus, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester NY. This article includes material from Robert Wilson, Professor, … More »

Your Run – Travel Guide 2011 – December 2010

Tears and fears » I’m so glad my mom doesn’t read you guys! She always worries about me backcountry skiing and that was the saddest story about climbing/ skiing K2 “Life on K2, ” First Tracks, Buyer’s Guide 2011). It’s not often a magazine story makes my eyes water up (or I guess it was the first!), but … More »

Short Turns: Winter 2010

Slide of the century March 4 will be a somber date for anyone around Rogers Pass between Golden and Revelstoke, B.C. It was 100 years ago that Canada’s worst avalanche disaster occurred, when only two of the 60 men working to clear an avalanche from the main CPR line survived a massive second slide from … More »

Helmets: Free choice or social obligation?

A ski helmet first went onto my head way back in 2000, when helmets were just this side of exotica. So why does the hectoring of helmet zealots for mandatory universal usage bother me so much? There’s a triplet of reasons. First off, it fails the utility test—helmets aren’t needed by all skiers under all … More »