Five New Helmets

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Uvex JIMM + OCTO helmet

Ten flexible and padded tabs bend around your cranium, automatically adjusting the Jimm to fit perfectly. A Ski Canada tester with an odd-shaped head claims it’s the only helmet she can wear.

POC Auric Cut

Take a shot to the noggin and it’s time to retire most lids—except the Auric, which is built from a special foam that can take multiple heavy lickin’s and keep on ridin’.

Bollé B-Yond

Under the ventilated shell are two nice touches: a zone by zone fit system that almost customizes the shape of the B-Yond and a Safety QR code, a scannable sticker on the helmet linked to personal information.

Giro Stellar

To achieve a better fit, not only does the liner of the Stellar adjust, so does the outer shell. The two pieces slide past each other, like the shell of an armadillo.

K2 Diversion

The popular Diversion and women’s equivalent, Virtue, get an upgrade for this season with extra venting adding comfort to these lids on spring ski days. They keep the simple dial for fit, casual look, washable liner and optional built-in audio.

by RYAN STUART, tech editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue

Ryan Stuart
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