Fat & Fabulous – Powder Skis Test 2017

The guides at Mike Wiegele’s were happy to ride these plus-sized beauties. I spent 14 glorious years as a heli-guide in the most majestic ski terrain on the planet at Mike Wiegele’s in Blue River, B.C., home once again to the Ski Canada Powder Test. And over the course of those years I’ve seen plenty … More »

Powder Test 2016

Mike Wiegele’s heli-guides know a thing or two about testing fat skis. There’s an old fable by Aesop about the fox and the grapes. It goes something like this: A fox sees a vine heavy with grapes and leaps as high as he can but can’t quite reach them. He tries again and has no … More »

Big Mountain 2016

While the Big Mountain category has expanded, with virtually every manufacturer developing a series, this year’s SIA saw a general drop in girth: waist widths generally max out under 120mm, with the majority under 110mm. As for graphics, the days of cartoons on LSD also seem to be behind us. Expect the real flair to … More »

The Best Test * Powder 2014

Ski Canada asked the guides at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing to take these fatties to work. It’s fairly difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in the history of skiing when the quest for powder became the holy grail of our sport. In the 1920s Ernest Hemingway, who was arguably the first powderhound, wrote inspired, poetic passages … More »

Big Mountain skis 2013

Big mountain, freeskiing, freemountain, you name it, these skis are made for getting deep— or at least skiing the deep. Wider boards with more float have made it easier to stay on top, democratizing the quintessential Western Canada ski experience. With the right technology underfoot, just about anyone can now ski this stuff. Look for some inspired designs … More »

Big Mountain 2012

   Size matters in the domain of the Big Mountain—and it doesn’t get any bigger than here. Big Mountain means big snow, air, tricks and glory. It starts around a century underfoot and translates into something beautiful. These are the best-looking boards in the industry, with international artists penning their signatures left, right and centre. But there’s more to … More »