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Our annual ski test of the best in new gear. 2012 Test results are coming soon!

Buyer’s Guide

Every January hundreds of international ski brands gather for their annual conference to showcase their latest gear, and Ski Canada is there to look, listen, poke, and prod. The result each year is our buyer’s guide to the best buys.

Tech Talk

Our Tech Talk column sums up the best in new technology and gadgets each issue.

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BG15 37 600

from Buyer’s Guide 2015 He said, she said Overheard at Denver’s  2014 SIA trade show: “If that were a bicycle, it would be a $10,000 frame.” Michael Kay talking about Völkl’s BMT chassis. “Duuuuude. It’s legal now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Next year they’ll be selling it at Walmart.” Some random guy with beady eyes… More »

Gear & Gadgets * Winter 2014


by Ray O’Reilly in the Winter 2014 issue   1.  Nice wheels! No, seriously, if you could add a motor to this bag, you’d drive it through an airport. Tough and durable, High Sierra’s Pro Series Trapezoid Wheeled Duffel (US$160) isn’t so heavy that half of your 23-kg airline limit is taken up just by… More »

The Best Test * Powder 2014


Ski Canada asked the guides at Mike Wiegele Heliskiing to take these fatties to work. It’s fairly difficult to pinpoint the exact moment in the history of skiing when the quest for powder became the holy grail of our sport. In the 1920s Ernest Hemingway, who was arguably the first powderhound, wrote inspired, poetic passages… More »

Forced Air


Within two seconds I knew I couldn’t ski out of it.” What started as a small avalanche below Martin Lefebrve’s skis had propagated 20m above and all around him. It quickly took him off his feet and sent him downhill. In desperation he pulled the handle of his avalanche airbag. The pop and hiss told… More »

Test 2014 – Adventure All Mountain


All-terrain skiing, moderate speeds, medium turns Technology and ski construction are bringing more and more attention to the Adventure All-Mountain category. Consider these skis your Triple A advantage. They’re built for one purpose only: to do Anything, Anywhere, Anytime. Now doesn’t that sound like a perfect date! Of course, not every ski performs flawlessly in… More »

Made in our Mountains


Looking to upgrade your kit? How about spending some bucks at home? Manufacturers in Western Canada have you covered from head to toe with some of the finest products on the market. I’d love to say I crossed Canada looking for this stuff, but there was so much to choose from right here in my… More »

From the Ski Canada Test Kitchen


We’ve taken new gear to the mountains and come up with some picks to pack.   Olympus’s OM-D E-M5 ($1,299) won a pride of awards last year, so on a hunch it was chosen for last year’s Readers’ Trip to Champéry, Switzerland. The dust- and splash-proof model is but a third of the size and… More »

All-Mountain Skis


 by Marty McLennan, tech editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2014 issue photo: HENRY GEORGI  All-mountain ladies Fischer’s KOA 80 (122/80/110) is a strong all-round tool for powder and piste ladies. All-mountain rocker combines with sandwich sidewalls, proprietary Air Carbon technology and a 100 per cent wood core for a lively ski that’s both stable and easy… More »

Boots 2014


Upward mobility is the name of this season’s game. by Marty McLennan, Tech Editor, in Buyer’s Guide 2014 issue   All-mountain booty We may have been playing on K2 toys for 50 years, but 2014 marks a huge step forward for the ubiquitous company with its launch into bootmaking. E3 (Energy Efficiency Engineering) is at… More »

Big Mountain/Freeski


Buyer’s Guide 2014 Intro Be the boss Nordica’s El Capo (137/107/125) is a solid, no-foolin’-around, vertically sidewalled twin for big-mountain freeriders. High Rise profile upfront, camber underfoot and a touch of rockered love behind combine with a double dose of over-the-edge Titanal, resulting in a stable, power-transmitting ski. Leaving no detail unchecked, the shop lightened… More »