It’s All About the Feet .. or is it? pt.1

The analogy of “holding a tray of drinks downhill” is an easy one to visualize because let’s face it, most of us can relate to drinking. But once you’re able to ensure the turning effort is coming from the legs and not from swinging your arms and upper body around, can you forget about your … More »

Be Your Own Coach

Being aware of rotation isn’t enough to correct it. Rotation is the result of the skier trying to turn his or her skis. Skis should turn the skier, not the other way around. by Martin Olson in December 2015 issue What direction is your torso facing? Wendy demonstrates one of the more obvious errors that … More »

Why Skis Turn

You may find that I constantly harp on the idea of edging the ski to turn when it seems more intuitive to “turn” the skis to turn, but there is good reason for this. Modern skis for groomed slopes have a pronounced hourglass shape compared to skis of a few decades ago. Even backcountry skis … More »

Bend the Inside Leg

Think of applying weight to your working ski by bending the other leg. The secret to getting expert levels of edging is to flex the uphill leg to shift weight and allow room to move the downhill boot into higher edge angles. Part II of this secret is to keep your legs fairly close so … More »

Anatomy of an Expert Turn

Expert or “performance” turns are not for everyone, but if your goal is to ski like the world’s best (including Silver Star’s Rodger Poole), start with these reference points.   by MARTIN OLSON   A—Keep your uphill shoulder and arm up and forward instead of letting your shoulder drop and fall back. B—Keep the uphill … More »

Turning in the Deep

Skiing powder is all flow, not fighting with the elements. by Felix Tanguay It’s about going deep, feeling the resistance of the snow against your whole body while flying into the next turn. It’s almost like being weightless, and letting gravity do her magic. Here are a few tips to help get that flow (and … More »

SlopePro instruction

WINTER 2015 .. Sweden may have brought us IKEA, Volvo and ABBA, but this issue’s Guest Instruction Editors Martin Eriksson and Joakim Agartsson of SlopePro prove there’s still a lot to learn from some of the world’s best skiers. BETTER BALANCE AT HIGH SPEED One of the basics of skiing is good balance, which enables … More »

How to Survive a Tree Well

It seems every winter we hear about cases where people get trapped and sometimes suffocate in tree wells, the deep doughnut holes that form around the base of both big and small trees. If you aren’t able to alert help, or self-rescue, there’s a chance that you could join this unfortunate list. Here are a … More »

Speed Bumps

 by Martin Olson in December 2014 issue Moguls have become an endangered species at most resorts, but they can be fun when you find them. One of the shortest roads to a ski instructors’ fistfight is to advocate a particular technique in bumps, so think of this as an option. Events such as the Olympics … More »

Four Common Myths of Skiing

MYTH 1 – GOOD SKIERS USE A WIDE STANCE A common error seen in good skiers who are trying to improve is skiing with feet too far apart. It can be confusing because when you look at the photos here, the feet are fairly far apart even though the stance is narrow. A narrow stance … More »