Big Mountain Test 2017

UNTRACKED AND UNRESTRAINED Where All-Mountain skis skid to a stop—right around the edge of the cliff—Big Mountain takes over. These are the skis the pros ride when they’re slashing Alaskan faces or winning extreme-skiing competitions. If you aspire to the same, this is the category to get you there, with skis that offer plenty of … More »

Skiing Uphill Gains Traction

At 7:00 a.m. on January 1, 2016 three skiers started skinning up Mt. Washington Alpine Resort on Vancouver Island. They wanted to start the year off right: watching the sun rise over the peak before skiing powder down a backcountry run. They never made it. A ski patroller on early morning sweep sent them home … More »

Cruisers Test 2017

FUN SKIING ON MOSTLY GROOMED RUNS Think of this category of skis as your vehicle for a smooth Sunday drive. If a ski was tested that was too much for the category, we’ll let you know. Cruisers aren’t looking to weave through traffic, race around the track with the pros or explore much off-road. On these … More »

Slalom Test 2017

HIGH-PERFORMANCE SHORT-RADIUS TURNS These skis are designed to do one thing: make tight turns on hard snow. They can dabble elsewhere on the mountain, but are best confined to groomed runs under the guidance of expert skiers. In the right hands these skis will turn on a flake, hold an edge on ice and beg … More »

Carvers Test 2017

POWERFUL CARVING Skiing somewhere between the racecourse and the edge of the groomed, the skis in this category want to be skied hard, fast and down the fall line. In many cases manufacturers have taken World Cup race skis and tuned them so mere mortals can handle the power and edge grip they deliver. If … More »

What Kind of Ski Do You Need?

ALL-MOUNTAIN ALL TERRAIN, ANY SNOW Style: Versatile turns and speeds Waist size: 75-100mm Description: Every run is on your play list, as are a few that aren’t on the map, and you want a ski that can keep up. Something that floats in powder, is nimble in the trees, playful in the bumps, but still … More »

Five New Helmets

Uvex JIMM + OCTO helmet Ten flexible and padded tabs bend around your cranium, automatically adjusting the Jimm to fit perfectly. A Ski Canada tester with an odd-shaped head claims it’s the only helmet she can wear. POC Auric Cut Take a shot to the noggin and it’s time to retire most lids—except the Auric, which … More »

Frontside 2017

Sexy has finally made its way into frontside skiing. Groomers and carving may sound staid, but with direct trickle-down from the World Cup and substantial R&D, some of the most exciting developments these days are taking place on the frontside of the mountain. The bottom line: adding weight reductions and easier skiing to firm-snow performance, … More »

Backcountry 2017

The grams keep falling. The quest for efficiency beyond the ski area boundaries continues to push innovation for lighter weights in ski gear without sacrificing performance. Today, a lot of the new technology we’re seeing in all-mountain and big-mountain categories is coming from here. And we like where we’re headed. by RYAN STUART in Buyer’s Guide … More »

Backside 2017

Experimentation is where it’s at. From bindings to boots, poles to skis, freeride has always been about trying stuff: tweaking sidecuts and ski shapes; widening and lowering bindings; even making quick-release poles. Anything goes. in Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue QUICK RELEASE Pole straps are great at keeping you attached to your poles, but sometimes that’s the … More »