Welcome Wagon

“We all know the biggest problem with our sport is not just getting new skiers and snowboarders to come out and try it, it’s getting them to come back,” says Shawn Mimee of Elan Sports Canada. “As an industry, we’re fighting against game consoles and cheap vacations down south.” Skier retention remains a big issue … More »

Testers’ Choice

With the tape used to mask the topsheets gone, we can reveal our testers’ favourite skis in each category (as well as their sponsors). It’s time to match your own height, weight, style and so on with our Ski Canada Testers to see which skis might be worth a personal demo from your favourite shop … More »

Easy Cruising – 2012

Mid-range performance in long and short turns. Written by Ron Betts, Test Editor Have you ever watched a ski video—you know the ones I’m talking about, where the athletes rip perfect turns down a 50-degree slope before airing off a cliff—and thought to yourself, “I’ll never do that.” Well, friends, you’re not alone. For a large portion of the ski population, … More »

Ski geometry

Ski Geometry 101

Heart of the matter As the ski industry pushes its boundaries, skis, boots and bindings have followed suit. Behind every astounding pro trick, you’ll find an army of engineers looking to produce better-suited technology. The result is an ever-growing skier’s lexicon. Here’s some of base information on keywords like sidecut, radius and camber as well … More »

Split Decision

Despite Utah’s trademarked, and distracting, “Greatest Snow on Earth” swirling outside the windows of Snow Basin’s magnificent base lodge in January, I was still able to listen intently to a PK, or product knowledge, talk about Atomic’s latest creation, D2 Doubledeck technology. But partway into the dog and pony show, the scene was interrupted by … More »