On Patrol at Fernie


Reading Time: 6 minutes Keeping the public safe is one thing. Keeping the public happy is another altogether. My legs were burning, chest heaving, lungs fighting to expel carbon dioxide and absorb oxygen. I […]

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Out on Patrol at Fernie

Reading Time: 11 minutes The crew at Fernie Alpine Resort is super pro, but they still have a blast bombing around the mountain. BY PAT LYNCH    Photos HENRY GEORGI in the Buyer’s Guide 2017 issue The sun has […]

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Trying Transceivers

Reading Time: 5 minutes Nine avalanche beacons were put to the test by novices and pros to determine their effectiveness in the backcountry.  BY F.M. SWANGARD, MD AND BOB SAYER, CSGA in Winter 2015 […]

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