Kindred Rambler Ski Test

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BEST FOR: A dedicated powder day.

Kindred Rambler ski test

 If this were a beauty pageant, the Rambler would win. No question. The inlaid wood veneer graphics are spectacular, original and fit with the brand’s home near the base of Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. The Rambler is a piece of art that would stand out on the wall and in the lift line. It skis nicely, too. Test-day conditions were not ideal for the chubby and surfy profile, but testers found it still managed to grip in firm conditions and plow through crud with confidence. An early-rise tip and camber through the body helped on both accounts and kept the ski lively and surprisingly nimble. “A wide ski to get from edge-to-edge fast, but once I was on edge it bit right in, even into really firm groomers,” said Ryan Stuart. “I had to stay on top of it and ski with energy or it had a tendency to take me for a ride.” Best to reserve this beauty for the soft and deep days when its floaty ways will make you look as good as it does.

LENGTHS:                165, 175, 185

DIMENSIONS:         145/113/130 @ 175

RADIUS:                   19 @ 175

WEIGHT:                 1.7 kg in carbon, 2.1 kg in fibreglass

OTHER MODELS:   Carbon or fibreglass


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